January 23, 2015

a hard day's night

Do you ever steal really good ideas? And not necessarily to claim them as your own brilliance, but more so just so you can be part of the cool, smart club and do cool, smart things, too?

I totally steal ideas. I'm not afraid to admit it. Plus isn't the whole point of Pinterest "stealing" ideas? Borrowing. Stealing. Tomayto, Tomahto. 

One of my great friends, Ruth, had one of those amazing-must-steal-ideas. Every day in 2014 she and her fella, George, took a short 2-3 second video of something happening in their day. Sometimes it was something big that they were celebrating--Anniversaries! Birthdays! Weddings! Family! But sometimes it was just a little thing like someone sitting on a counter swinging his feet. I teared up watching the video because A) I'm a freak and B) It was just the sweetest. It was the best reminder that life is about those little moments--when you are stressed and when you think nothing is going the way it is supposed to...it's those little moments of counter sitting, swinging legs that make life really beautiful.


So I immediately did what any good friend would do and I texted Ruth to let her know that their video was golden and that I would be doing it.

First thing to note: I am horrible about remembering to do said daily videos. It's only the 22nd day of the year and I'm already short four videos. Oops. 
Second thing to note: it's already SO FUN.
Third thing to note: It made me realize how Freddie and I don't really do too much in the evenings after work...

As in, we do nothing. As in, a lot of my videos are of The Office playing on TV. Or a newly bought and constructed bar stool sitting at our bar. You know, the really important moments of life. Inanimate objects. No noise. Darkness all around since I usually forget to take said video until the dark hour of 11 pm. 

But now since you're all so curious and I've got your attention, let's go over the ever-so important way Freddie and Emily (hey, that's me!) spend their week night time. 

I obsess over filling the little cubes in our shelves. So I take pictures and send them to my mom with texts like, "Soooo?! Yes? What else? I need more. How do people decorate?" And so on and so forth. It's an equally thrilling experience for my mother, I am sure.

While waiting for my mother's responses, I screenshot the crap out of internet things. Sometimes it's from workouts I think I'll do in the morning. Sometimes it's from home decor ideas that I want to steal borrow. Sometimes (a lot of the time) it's me being a creepy stalker and doing a screenshot of something or someone on Facebook. Hashtag creepcreepcreeper. 

Literally 75% of my recent photos in iPhoto are screenshots. So basically that means if you post something cute, or silly, or funny, or stupid, I will screenshot it. 

While I'm doing my research and work, Freddie is busy playing Clash of the Clans. I have absolutely no ideas whatsoever about that game. I know that it is a village or something. And that he presses a lot of buttons. And sometimes it refreshes and a cloud pops up and disappears. Or something. Wow, I obviously know a lot more than I give myself credit for. 
Side eyes.

Netflix is our jam. Along with everyone else in America. When something is so good and precious then it kind of has to be everyone's jam. So we jam away.
Current shows being viewed on the Freddie and Emily profiles: Gilmore Girls (guess whose profile that is on?), Friends, Psych (gag me), The Office (for the hundredth time), Heroes, Bob's Burgers (for the thousandth time), and Parks and Rec (for the millionth time).
We like our shows and we like 'em Netflix-y.

Don't fret. We do feed ourselves in the middle of such hard night time work. Meet our candy bowl.
Candy bowl, meet everyone. Since I try to do some kind of exercising five days a week, I can totally justify eating a few pieces of chocolate and/or (always and) gummies at night. Now, here in my dictionary few means 10. Ish. 
No wonder I'm not ripped and toned yet...

What do you do after work?! 
Happy Friday!
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Meg Taylor said...

Hahaha sooo glad I'm not the only one with the candy bowl in my home :) And I definitely agree with your Netflix choices... GG, Parks and Rec, The Office. We are also watching a lot of 30 Rock lately. I looove that video idea, too!

Kodi Jensen said...

Our evenings are often filled by Ross playing Clash of Clans and me watching Gilmore Girls...haha. Being home with nothing to do but what we please is just the best ever!

Kayla MKOY said...

I love that idea of recording just 3 seconds a day...I started doing more video this year, and its already been a blast to look back on!!! Sometimes, its just the little things!!! LOVE those shelves!

Bailley said...

What a neat idea!! I might have to steak as well;) so so fun.


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