November 14, 2014

and pinterest saw that it was good

Pinterest is a pretty funny thing. I mean, my mind gets absolutely blown away when I see that someone took a tin can and rocks and turned it into a make-up brush holder. So simple! It must be done! Why did I think of that?!

Probably because my brushes staying in my make-up bag which is stored under the sink works out just fine for all parties involed.

However, there are several Pinterest-y things that do blow my mind and that should be recreated for everyone to admire. 

Like these cutesies Thanksgiving placemats that will definitely be on our table. I can hear the groans and sarcastic answers from my family now...I am thankful for Emily who makes us do crazy Thanksgiving games when I just want to be eating.

And this idea for storing wrapping paper. Come on it's genius, I tell you. Genius! Overload of Christmas wrapping paper, here I come.

And anniversary pictures. I never even thought twice about getting pictures taken as a couple on your anniversary until Pinterest told me it was all the rage. 
I decided I could get on board with that rage. 

 Enter the part of the story when my sister and I made a secret board with all of the ideas and poses we liked for said pictures because Hello! You can't always admit that you have caved and conformed to all of the Pinterest inspired ideas. Secret boards for the win. 

29 pins, 900 please-take-them-this-weekend beggy texts to my sister, 1 30-degree temperature drop, and 9 outfits packed later we had some first anniversary pictures taken by my oh-so-talented sister. 

Thanks, Pinterest for being funny sometimes, but for also being cool sometimes.
Thanks, Ann-y Poo, for being our papa-paprazzi. Lady Gaga style. 

Happy Happy Happy Friday!
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Tricia Coniglio said...

What beautiful pictures of you two!!! I love that idea for wrapping paper. I have it in a closet supported by other stuff and any time I move any of it it messes up the whole closet!

Lindsay said...

I am totally making my family participate in the Thanksgiving fun I have found on pinterest. Those pictures are lovely :) Have a great weekend!

Darcy said...

that wrapping paper storage is genius. Great pictures, too!

Emily Carnes said...

Love this!!!! And your pictures are gorgeous!

We didn't start the anniversary pictures at one year, so now we're going to do them every 5 years. Good enough, right?

Jenna Griffin said...

These photos are great! I lovvvve your outfit. Yesterday we had Christmas card photos taken, and it reminded me of engagement photos. :) I may or may not have looked on pinterest for posing ideas. ;)


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