November 7, 2014

currently: is it christmas yet? edition

This necklace. Sa-woon.
I went from knowing that gold bar necklaces were all the rage to kind of caring that they were all the rage to obsessively thinking about this particular gold bar Roman numeral necklace and how it would be all the rage around my neck. Do you think the ancient Romans are like Thank God! Finally our numeric system is trendy again!?

Something about the holidays makes me want to quit my job and become a crafting housewife. Not a cleaning/doing housework housewife, but a crafting housewife. Me and the mod podge kickin'' it back all day, every day. We're about to get real Christmas-y and glitterfied up in here. 
pin found here

Yes, Please by Amy Poehler. My weekend plans include this book and my laughs. That's all, folks.

Last Tuesday when it was decided we would be driving to Georgia that Friday I begged/straight up told my sister she would be taking anniversary pictures of us while we were in town. I love them! I am loving them! I will always love them! And so on and so forth. It was about 40 degrees and windy and we only had an hour to get them done, but man oh man! Ann made 365 (plus) days look good on us Weiss folk.

We've been saving up to buy a new couch. Not just any couch, but a beautiful humongo sectional couch...that doesn't have wires sticking up your butt when you sit like our current couch does. I mean, we will be living the high life! No booty wires?! After months of planning it, discussing where it should go, measuring and remeasuring and re-re-measuring, and more discussing/changing minds of where it should go, we are finally able to get it.
And now Ricky wants to wait it out until Black Friday since we're so close. My poor booty. What's a few more weeks of sticky in your booty wires, I guess?

Happy Friday!
Are you currently loving that it's the freaking weekend?
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Kayla MKOY said...

Definitely wait until Black Friday on the couch to see if you can score an even better deal!! I'm loving that Roman numeral necklace, so cute!!!!

Erin LFF said...

I thought fall was going to turn me into a crafting housewife. I wanted to turn, but it just never happened ;) Maybe the Christmas holidays can still help me become who I truly want to be- hehe! Happy weekend !!

Jenna Griffin said...

Haha, so glad y'all are getting a new couch! Booty wires sound uncomfortable. Only a couple of more weeks! :) You can do ittttt!


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