September 5, 2014

fashion five on a friday

Lately I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. We are talking a lot of time here. Something about the changing of the seasons (which means here in SC maybe it'll go from 110 degrees to 90), or something about moving and cleaning out my closet (now I'm down to way too many items instead of an insanely absurd amount of items), but I'm all about outfit inspiration these days. That means I've been looking at a lot of pins/websites/blogs with a lot of pictures of fashion bloggers.

And I've been noticing a trend of how these models/bloggers/gals stand in their outfit pictures. 
And I've been realizing it bugs me.
Maybe it's just my inner jealousy demon coming out because there will never be half decent pictures of myself in half decent looking clothes, but mostly it's because I wonder how these "poses" were thought of/decided upon. 

Pose #1
The Pigeon Toed Penguin Pose
As a ballet teacher, I spend about 75% of my work day talking about turn out--turning out from your rotators and not from your feet. I talk about not hurting your knees and hips. I talk about not sitting in the "W" position. We want our hips to develop correctly. Not to develop in a way where it makes it impossible and painful to walk normally. So no, I cannot get down with this pose. Also because how many times do we see people stop and stand like this? Hopefully never. 
I do like this booties outfit though...Hmm, how can I copy it?

Pose #2
The Flamingo Pose
or The Is That Gum On The Bottom Of My Shoe? Pose
or The I Have Good Core Strength Pose

Pose #3
The Who Me In This Old Thing?! pose

Pose #4
The Headless Outfitman
I can't say much about this one because whenever I send the Hey, are you sure this looks okay? text to my sister I usually send a picture with my face cut out because...that's a whole other rabbit to chase in the does this look okay? world. And I get wanting to show the small details of the outfit, but...but still. 

Pose #5
The Why So Serious Pose
Smile, you look pretty.

PSA 1: I want all of these clothes. Really that military vest with the lace top and statement necklace? Gimme.
PSA 2: I'm obviously just jealous that I turn into a braces faced pre-pubrescent smiley child when a camera comes near me. 

Happy Weekend!


Monica Siembieda said...

As a fashion blogger I think I'm guilty of all of these. The only difference is I was actually born pigeon toed whereas now it's a trend to stand that way haha!

Kayla MKOY said...

This is hilarious! I could never be a fashion blogger. I so wish I could take a decent picture, but I just cannot. Ha! That "flamingo" one made me laugh out loud. !!!

Helene in Between said...

bahahahaha yes! and to be honest with you I thought the first pic was of you..

Courtney B said...

Bahahaha! You are my fave! I'm with you on the pigeon toe thing... must be all those years of ballet when I was young!
I have had to take pictures of me in clothes (it's rare, and SO much harder than taking pictures of Mia's outfits!) and I seriously try these poses and it never works out for me. EVER! So I just stand there with my hands on my hips, a smile plastered on my face as Eric and I try not to kill each other while snapping a picture or two, HA!

Emily Carnes said...

bahahaha! So true! I always think it would be cool to be a fashion blogger, and wear all those adorable clothes. I think I would look so awkward taking those pictures though!

Jenna Griffin said...

Bahahaah, your titles for the poses are perfect. I especially like the headless outfitman.
I love the girl's hair in the first photo, though. So pretty! Wish I could get mine to look like that.


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