February 11, 2013

so it's monday

So it's Monday and we are all walking around with pouty faces because...it's Monday. And the weekend literally ended after 5 seconds. At least, that is what it felt like. 

The only way to to turn my frown upside down is to look at pictures of my weekend and be reminded that for the 5 seconds that the weekend lasted, I had some funsies. And you know it was fun if I add the -sies at the end of the word! Duhsies.

Weekend recap/operation smile begins now.

Probably my new favorite picture. Ever. Other than the fact that the look on my face looks like I am ready to eat my sister, the eyes closed way, but still. Ann's senior play, Fiddler on the Roof Jr., was this weekend. Yes, there is a Jr. version of this play. And yes, it is better than the original. I am not a Fiddler fan (I mean, who is?) but as I sat through watching a high school Tevya shimmy down the church stairs and then the boys break dance in the bottle dance scene, I was all like Cool, this Fiddler is cool. Let's also talk about the fact that Ann stole the show (and my heart) belting it out as a Jewish daughter not wanting to marry her match, but her true love. Russ Moore got a little teary eyed in the wedding scene. He also took one too many pictures of Little Ann in her wedding dress costume. But anyways, this picture and my sister are the tops. 

The Newnan Theatre Company gala was this weekend and boy oh boy, there are few things in life better than a) dressing up b) being invited to an invitation only event (and we are not talking invite only birthday parties here. This was a fancy party. Not Chuck E Cheese and cake.). I spent my Friday night wondering when my sister grew up and learned how to sing really beautifully. I spent my Saturday night sitting in a fancy dress and heels watching my mom act like a beast. Side note: she acted and was a very Southern lady in one scene, an old uppity family member in another, and finally an over-egotistical singer who really couldn't sing at all. She was not actually acting like a beast. 

The end of the weekend brings about Freddie's last week in Atlanta. GASP. It also brings Valentine's Day. I wrote about the lovey-dovey/schmoozey-doozey stuff we did last V-day and honey, this one will be even better. You know why? Because I can't let Freddie leave Atlanta on a low note in the cheese factor department. Meaning, I tend to give the world's cheesiest gifts and this holiday will be no exception. Just wait, Freddie will leave Atlanta never doubting that I am the cheesiest. I am also the whine-iest. Not to be confused with the wine-iest. He can leave Atlanta forgetting about the whine part. Just not the cheese. 

Like all my made up words?
Also, this pillow. Kind of the best. I asked Freddie if he wanted it for Valentine's Day and well, I'll let you imagine the answer to that question. 


Ashley said...

Haha!!! Love that pillow :-)

I was thinking that she was in Fiddler before I even read it. You don't like Fiddler?!??!?!! Emily, come on! Have you seen it on Broadway?

You are so fun, Em!! you really are. Love this blog of yours.

Staci Dale said...

Now I really want to see Fiddler Jr!

ChatterBlossom said...

I LOVE that photo of you and your sister! How adorable!

My-cliffnotes said...

I love the pillow! Alexa sent me!

Excited to follow along!


Nosaj Tdimhcs said...

I wish I had known that the Fiddler thing was happening--I TOTES would have been there. No one ever tells me ANYTHING!


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