February 16, 2012

sappy love post: take one

A lot of people are against Valentine's Day. They go on and on about how it is a made up holiday and you should be lovey-dovey-schmoozy-woozy every day of the year, yadda yadda yadda. That's all well and good (have you noticed most of those people AREN'T EVEN that great to one another the other days of the year...) , but when there is themed chocolate involved then I am very much involved in said holiday. Therefore, it is impossible for me to hate Valentine's Day. Be lovey-dovey-schmoozy-woozy to me and let's eat some chocolate. 

And that is exactly how my Valentine's Day went. 

Remember that one time I talked about how great Freddiefriend is and how everyone needed one and you should go out and find one but not mine and then your life will be super duper fantastic? Remember that one time I wrote a fabulous run-on sentence? Okay, you caught me, maybe I've mentioned the FF thing more than once. Does that mean you've all found one by now? One referring to the species of Freddiefriends, of course.

I was wooed with the best kind of woos. Candlelight, chocolate, flowers, Michael Bubs music, 10 oz. slab of burger deliciousness, more chocolate, and cards. Aside from Russell and MC, who have fed (literally) my chocolate obsession every Valentine's Day, no one has ever been the lovey-dovey-schmoozy-woozy that makes other people gag on Valentine's Day to me. Gag, I did not. Tell my Freddiefriend that I loved him and his sweet sweet dancer legs, I most certainly did. 

Be still my heart and stomach, there's a Freddiefriend around.

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