February 20, 2013

anatomy of the best day ever

Have you ever had a day where everything is wonderful? No, amazing. And you're sitting around being awesome and thinking Man, this is like the best. day. ever. No really, best ever.

Then you have another best day ever like 3 weeks later and that other day is totally forgotten, but whatevs. It was super fun while it lasted. 

I have had some pretty rad 'best days ever' recently and so I am going to break it down for ya. Tell you all about how to have the best day ever. You will all be walking around having best days and wanting to pay me lots of money for my advice. So then I'll probably end up writing some kind of self-help book about successfully making your days the best and be famous in the large world of self-help authors, but for now I'll stick with this blog post.

Freddie is officially gone from Atlanta. And no, that does not make a best day ever. It makes for the most sad day ever. But we won't talk about those feelings and emotions, we'll talk about how Freddie's last few days in the ATL were good reasons to paaaarty. Like it's 3012 (Hay, J Biebs, thanks for letting me steal your weird song lyric). Party like it is the future, we did. Sleep, we did not.

We're going back to Valentine's Day. The day of lurve. And lots of chocolate. Both of which were things I used and abused on Valentine's Day.

Let's go 'round this picture clockwise (starting with the scandalous middle pic) as we mix up the ingredients for the best days ever.

1-For V-day, Freds made me a survival kit. A.K.A--a how to survive in Atlanta without him box (note: Freddie was not in the box, therefore surviving will be harder). This kit included lots of candy and junk food (who does he think I am?!) (good thing he is right in his thinking...).  It also included this Let's Make Out sign which is reminiscent of this pillow I blogged about. Said pillow is stupid expensive, so a handmade sign is all I need to give you some kisses. Anyone about to send me a handmade sign?

2-Remember when I was all like Hey! I love giving cheesy gifts! Cheese, cheese, cheese!? Well I sent Freddie off to Charleston with some new beer labels that will make all those beach go-ers jelly.

3-We then proceeded to cook scallops and caramelized mushrooms over grits. And when I say we cooked, I mean he cooked. And when I say I am going to starve without him around, I am not joking. After dinner, we sat and talked for a long time. And whispered sweet nothings to each other, sure. If you want to have a good time, just sit and talk to Freddiefriend. Wine in hand is preferred, but either way it makes for some good times.

4-Friday night was spent with friends and friendly bars. We hip-hopped around the local Decatur (where it's greater) hotspots and pretended like we weren't tired and ready to go to bed when it was midnight. But really, it was fun. This picture showcases a v-neck shirt and a seski face. Also, remember the part about us being at bars? Yes, this picture. Mhm.

5,6,7-Saturday, oh little Saturday was the best of the best days ever. It was one of those days where we went into it having no plans and ending it having done all sorts of fab things. Like look! Sure does look like the Freds is getting some ink in his back. Oh, that's right, he did tat it up. Tat, tat, tat it up. Tattoos really make you hungry. By that I mean, waiting on people (yes, plural! Freddiefriend's sister got some fresh ink too) to get tattoos really makes me hungry. There's this uh-mazing place in ATL. Actually, it is probably the only amazing thing that I will genuinely miss if I ever leave Atlanta. What is this magical place, Emily?! I'll tell you. Two words: Pizza made from real Italian ingredients and BYOB. Okay, you caught me, two phrases. You choose your drink of choice at any store, walk on in with the brown bag, order the most delicious pizza that will be cooked in 90 seconds in a big brick oven, and sit in the kitchen and eat it while listening to Italian opera music.

Heaven. In. Atlanta.

Oh yeah, and number 7 would be Nelly/Nelson making us ice cream with Liquid Nitrogen. A.K.A--He put his Molecular Gastronomy pants on and we ended up with dessert. Thank the lawd for Georgia Techies.

And that last picture? Just some people we saw bar hopping. No big deal. They're kind of celebrities or something, I think?

What does a best day ever for you involve?


Kate Whitney said...

My best day ever involves lots of junk food and my favorite friend(s). By the way, check your numbering lady friend.

Anonymous said...

Any day that involves tattoos is a good day in my book! :) I absolutely love this sweet post!

Kelsey Eaton said...

Sounds like a super wonderful day!! You guys are so cute!


Ashley said...

What kind of tattoo did he get?

Your hair has always been beautiful, but when did it get so long??

And yes!! I love days where they just feel so perfect!

Kodi Jensen said...

I want to go to that pizza place. Like now.

Also, how can you post about tattoo getting without sharing what they were?! Super curious. I love hearing about people's tattoos.

Staci said...

Haha that was adorable! I love BYOB pizza places!

Anonymous said...

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