August 31, 2012

i simply remember my favorite things

I cannot think of a better way to say goodbye to the month of August than simply with remembering some of my favorite things. August was full of heartache and loss, but it was also full of friends, family, and most importantly, love

I love my family. And I love that when times get hard we can all get together and still find something about which to smile. 

Like shoving Ann in the paper thin closet in Mr. Diddy's hospital room...

I love that I had the opportunity to choreography for our local theatre's production of Suessical the Musical. What a show! What a great cast! What great dancing! ;)

I love having a thoughtful Freddiefriend who shows up on my front doorstep with flowers in tow. And then lets me sit and listen to his laugh. Mmm, that laugh. 

I love unexpectedly running into children that I used to nanny. Especially when they have grown up and just want to sit around and talk to me. I'm still a little cool, phew

August, you were handful and I am welcoming September with very open arms. I bid you adieu, until next year. 

This post was inspired by one of the blogs that I follow, Dancing With Ashley. Check out her favorite things!

Oh yeah, what are some of your favorite things?


Ashley said...

What a beautiful post.

I am loving that you choreographed Seussical. That's one that I haven't done yet. I'm sure it was a blast.

Beautifulllll flowers!! Flowers always brighten my day.

Happy September to you!

ginanorma said...

aww i will have to do some catching up to see why you had some rough times this summer, I am sorry for your heartache emily..

that's so cool that you choreographed a play, how amazing:)


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