August 7, 2012

and let's give each other makeovers

Ladies and gentlemen
may I present a new and oh so improved blog.

If you are looking around and thinking that it doesn't look very different, then...don't tell me. Because the 10+ hours I spent learning HTML codes will come and haunt you in your sleep. Your sleep, not mine. 

Y'all, I have to say blog redesigning is pretty addicting. I felt like a giggly girl doing makeovers at a slumber party. More make-up! More curling irons! More changes! More HTML! I couldn't stop. But, after some eye shadow(new header), blush (hello! look who has new about and contact pages on my left sidebar!) (and who has links to all her other social media sites!), and lipstick I decided that this girl blog was all purdy enough for now. 

So, have fun exploring! I'm sure some of you are thinking Umm, seriously crazy pants? This is nothing hard or different. Whoa there, sassy. I realize I am at the bottom of the novice of the most novice list when it comes to the mysterious language of computers. But I was feeling pretty nerdy figuring out how to embed a picture and other super cool things. Embed a picture! Oh my lawd, it is like I am a magician now!

Let the exploring begin, my little Christopher Columbuses.

This is the only new picture I have lately. It shows Freddie's excitement about things such as makeovers. Or maybe it shows Freddie trying a new makeover trick of strawberry gummies as lipstick. Y'all decide. 

1 comment:

Ruth said...

Loves the new blog design. Also love strawberry gummies. And you.


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