August 3, 2012

factual friday + HELP ME PLEASE

Five Facts on a Friday begins...

1) I am choreographing Suessical the Musical for Newnan Community Theatre. <<<This is a fact. I've been rehearsing every night this week and am half expecting my brain to explode and lots of "step touches" and "ponies" and "passé walks" to emerge. Stay tuned. 

2) Holy Olympics and All Thing Muscles. Other than Christmas and my birthday, this is my favorite time of year. Erm, I mean of every four years. I must be getting old and emotional because every time Team USA wins (gymnastics since that is about all I've been watching) I almost tear up. Almost. They look so happy! And their parents are so so proud! And that makes me happy and teary and emotional-y.  I told Russell that I was sorry he would never have that emotional moment of his child winning an Olympic medal. Good thing he and I both know I'd win in the Olympics of Suessical Choreographing. Or the Olympics of Eating. Oh honey, would I win the gold in that one. With Russell close behind me. 

3) I washed my hair less than 24 hours ago <<<fact and it is already greasy looking. Hair, how am I supposed to be all healthy for you and not wash you everyday if you are going to make me look like a McDonald's worker who wipes her greasy hands on her hair during work? Not okay. 

4) Mr. Diddy up and fell and had to get a nice 'ole big number of stitches in his arm. Hey there, let's all pray and hope that everything is okay with this man because he is Mr. Diddy! Mr. Diddy = the cutie patootie social butterfly old man who goes to the hospital with a huge gash in his arm and leaves the hospital with 50 new nurse and doctor best friends. Biffles is what I'm sure he would rather me call them. Anyways, Mr. Diddy! You're the bees knees. Get better. 

5) While living in Newnan this week for Suessical dancing, man oh man did I miss that cuteness of a Freddiefriend of mine. Not many things make me happier than cuddling up next to my v-neck t-shirt wearing FF and hearing his perfect laugh. I'll take a double order of that laugh, puhlease and thank you. 

Go Team USA! Bring on the tears. Bring on the muscles. Bring on the medals. 

HELP ME begs begin...

Alrighty, here is the deal. My blog is getting to be a yawner in the looks department. I need some exciting new layout and header changes! Flashy and classy and cute. Problem is, I would not win an Olympic medal in blog design. I wouldn't even place. It is mind boggling that I was even able to get this current header and layout set up. And that was so long ago that my 23 year old brain cannot grasp or remember how the 21 year old Emily did it. 

So pretty pretty please, any offerings of advice or suggestions or tips or help in any form would be greatly appreciated. I want fun. And simple. And circular cropped pictures? Or something neato like that. 


Ruth said...

I don't even almost tear up every time USA wins a gold. I absolutely without a doubt do.

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

that ice cream cone cupcake thing looks divine! oh and I totally think you should get a demin/chambray top! the one I got is from jcrew, a little pricy but it was just too perfect I had to do it. Plus, I wear it ALL the time!


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