August 10, 2012

gotta get down on factual friday

Since I've started this new thing of five FUN facts on Friday (as in I did it once, therefore it has been started), I figured I would continue on with the tradition on this lovely Friday. 

Ready, set, fun facts here we go!

1) I'm off to the beach this weekend and this post is on a scheduled time post setting. Isn't technology fabulous? I feel almost as fancy and magical as I did when I learned how to embed a picture. I know, my computer skills are at an all time high. 

2) I posted about the Olympics on my last #2 so it is only fitting that I post about the Olympics here. Who else saw the Flying Dutch gymnast on the high bars Tuesday night?? W-O-W-EEEE. I feel like the Netherlands has been hiding this man and secretly training him for years. And honey child, that man did not disappoint. I always scream for Team USA, but I'm screaming ice creaming for Team Zonderland Netherlands as of Tuesday night. Hey-oh, Epke!

3) Summer is winding down, but the heat is still winding up. Fact. It is hot. Fact. I am starting to dream about boots and sweaters. Oh, fall boots! I am feeling some serious boot shopping trips coming up in the near-ish future. Maybe we'll wait until the weather is at least not going up in the 100s before looking at boots. 

4) I wear my retainers every night. GEEK fact. Sometimes I think my life would be easier if I had big ole white veneers. The amount which I stress over having straight teeth is ridiculous. Therefore, I will not share that amount of time with you. Just know, Emily + retainers = serious business. 

5) I've been taking too many pictures of this guy while home this week. I was beginning to have a little soft place for him in my heart until he chewed up half the den floor the other morning. Then I remember the one time he chewed and ruined my shoes. Then that soft place hardened a little bit. Nevertheless, Dagi, you know how to werk that doggy bowl cut. 

Well, as my oh so smart blog is posting this at the scheduled time, I am probably off sunbathing and not having a care in the world at the beach. Toodles. 

1 comment:

Courtney B said...

Aaaah! The beach! Lucky girl!! I hope you're taking lots of pictures :) And next time? Take me with yooooooooooou!
I wear a bottom retainer a few nights a week :) My top is permanent. I'd rather wear the retainers though, than have all that money that went into braces go to waste! It's so annoying how teeth shift once those babies come off, ha ha!


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