September 6, 2012

recipe post

I tricked ya! I bet you clicked the link to read this post hoping to find an actual recipe on how to make something delicious that you can eat. In a sense, that is right. Ish. I am still going to give you a recipe in this post. And the end result will be food. This recipe will just have a different journey than you having to cook something. 

Emily's Recipe on How to Get Really Good Gourmet Lookin' Food:

Find a friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. who likes to cook.

Go to said person's new house.

Offer to help in the kitchen.

When offer is declined, drink your favorite glass of whatever and sit back.

Oooh and Ahh at the amazing plate brought to you.

Eat and enjoy.

Oh yeah, and sometimes you have to put Bob's Burgers on in the background.

Voila! I have really lucked out in the friend and boyfriend department. It's like I have a personal chef wherever I go!

Does that make me a moocher? 

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