July 30, 2012

on being the granddaughter of a 90 year old

Good 'ole Granddaddy Ray celebrated his 90th birthday yesterday. Born in 1922 (I did the math for you, you're welcome), this man has lived to see it all! And most importantly, he has lived through 20 something Olympic games. 

One day during my teenage years, as Russ Moore drove me to school, he asked me what fascinated me. In true teenage form I balked and rolled my eyes and gave every answer but a serious answer. As I sit here reflecting on my short 23 years with this 90 year old man, I can't help but use the word fascinating to describe Ray Moore's life. 

Ray Moore has not only lived to see it all, he has lived it all. From serving our country overseas during World War II to becoming Atlanta's most eligible bachelor (a very prestigious title to hold, ya know). From starting a family and raising three crazy Moore boys to writing, reporting, and working in radio and television for some 42 or so years. From working with names such as Tom Brokaw and Monica Kauffman to interviewing Martin Luther King Jr., Robert Frost, and Bobby Kennedy. This man's life has been anything short of fascinating, exciting, and very, very memorable. 
                                                   photo thanks to donmcclellan.wordpress.com

...But, I'm not here to talk about Ray Moore. I'm here to talk about Granddaddy.

The Granddaddy that would put on a cape and chase us around the house as the Count from Sesame Street! The Granddaddy that would make sure to take us to the park (or the pool!) every time we visited. The Granddaddy that put on a captain hat and played Barbie and Ken with me and the Granddaddy that always has a freezer stocked full of desserts. (Delicious chocolatey desserts at that. My chocolate obsession definitely comes from that man). The Granddaddy that took us on our very first Disney trip (first of many!) and walked around park after park with four angelic and not at all whiney grandchildren. The Granddaddy that clips out magazine and newspaper articles of things that reminds him of us and sends them off via snail mail for our enjoyment. The Granddaddy that sent me an e-mail telling me he was up tossing and turning all night thinking about whatever obstacles were presently in my life. 

The Granddaddy that faithfully reads my blog even though computers are things of mass confusion and frustration to him. 

The Granddaddy that was able to be there when I finally walked across that stage and got my college diploma. 

And while there are perks to having Ray Moore as your grandfather (helloooo, my birth was announced during the 11 o'clock news on July 15, 1989. Famous.), there is no greater perk than having a Granddaddy who is inspiring, incredibly supportive, and endlessly loving. 

Granddaddy, Happy 90 years! I vote the celebration never ends from here on out. I love you!

Here are pictures from the celebrations with the entire Moore clan. Lotsa Moore family equals lots Moore fun.


Ashley said...

What a wonderful Grandaddy you have!

And side not...love the pointe shoes around your neck for graduation! Where did you go?

Emily said...

Ha, thanks! I went to Anges Scott and majored in dance. We thought a cord would not be nearly as meaningful as an actual pair of pointe shoes :)

Allison said...

What a lovely tribute! I happened across this as I was stalking Claire Marie's FB page.
(CM's aunt on the other side)


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