July 23, 2012

saturday the fun fatter-day

Saturday was the day! Let me tell you what, Saturday was full of good things. And good food. Hence the name fatter-day. Freddie and I spent the day reveling in PBBSBM (Post Birthday But Still Birthday Month) celebrations and boy, did we revel up some fun. 

We spent a good part of the day at Serenbe. Serenbe is like a slice of heaven after spending the majority of my summer days sitting in Atlanta traffic. I say sitting because there is very little driving involved when one is stuck in the middle of Atlanta traffic. But Lawd knows, there is a whole lotta sittin' to be done. At Serenbe, everything is in walking distance! And the restaurants use food from the farms! And it is so quiet! And they have a whole shop dedicated to wine and chocolate! A shop that we walked to! Are the exclamation points adding excitement for you?! Because it is for me. I felt like a giant exclamation point walking around Serenbe with my FF. I should say we were meandering around Serenbe because that sounds more leisurely and non-Atlanta like. 

After a day of eating, meandering, and shopping we went to Fern's General Store where they sell King of Pops AND have cold soda water. Talk about the biggest double whammy ever! Our acquired snobbish carbonated only water tastebuds were so ecstatic. Also, the KOP labels were super fancy. Like for real, what is this place?? And as if fancy popsicle labels and cold carbonated water weren't enough, they sold sweet potato gnocchi in the market. Whoa. Just stop, Serenbe. Freds and I picked up some gnocchi to boil up for dinner and hit the road for the next goody good adventure of the day. 

After family time and olive oil/balsamic vinegar taste testing time (that is for a post of its own but I suspect it is the most perfect tasting oil ever in the sense like Jesus is the definition of perfect), we headed over to TJMaxx because who doesn't like some Maxx time on a fun filled fatter-day? The answer is, obviously, no one. 

Side note: V-neck t-shirts on men are the best. things. ever. No, not the deep v-neck where it is like Hello Dude, trying to show some cleavage or are you just showcasing your one lonely chest hair? No no, the slight V v-necks that make you want to put your finger on the V to pull in that hunk of a man towards you. Mmhmm, you know what I'm talking about. I think men everywhere should invest in v-necks and wear them daily. And then thank me when all of a sudden everyone loves you. Well, Freddiefriend up and bought a bajillion v-necks! In this case, bajillion means four. Four! Four whole v-necks.

Then we went back to Atlanta and made sweet potato gnocchi with Gouda cheese sauce for dinner. And I used my best Kelly Kapoor from The Office voice and begged for a v-neck fashion show, fashion show, fashion show at dinner. 

By golly, that FF guy makes me feel all gushy lovey-dovey. Especially when I get to spend a whole day with him.

And that my friends is how you have a fun filled fatter-day Saturday. 

Isn't it the fanciest KOP label you ever did see?
That's the back of a man in a v-neck shirt right there.


Russ said...

I have V-necked T-shirts that I wear under dress shirts, but it's OK if you don't act that way around me. I rejoice that you have found someone who makes you as silly as I am around your Mom. Is that too personal to leave in a public comment section?

Also, for correct usage of the language we all share, this sentence should start, " as if fancy popsicle labels and cold carbonated water WEREN'T enough..." (emphasis mine).

Have I told you how many people tell me they love your blog? Have you noticed they don't post comments and tell you themselves? You do have quite an audience, though.

Bhumi said...

I'm just posting a comment so you know I'm a'creepin on your blog. MISS YOU LOVE YOU TO THE STARS AND BACK!!!


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