July 17, 2012

the greatest life

I know I write a lot about how I have the greatest family. (slash sister. Hellooo, hair). Or the greatest Freddiefriend boyfriend. But I rarely write about my friends and that is just nonsense because they are the greatest too. Oh boy, and this past weekend they did all sorts of wonderful things. So here is a post about how I have the greatest friends. 

Fact. I kind of make a big deal out of my birthday. You know the little 6 year olds who get so excited about their birthdays and it is all they can think or talk about? That is me. Multiplied by some big numbers. But I mean come on! Birthdays are so exciting! The world was blessed with a new awesome person (you) (and me) on that day. The only thing up there on the same excitement level is Christmas. And let me tell you what, my birthday being in the summer is perfect. I mean, hello, birthday and Christmas are spread out evenly throughout the year so I get to feel all the excitements all the time. Thanks MC and Russell for perfectly planning my summer birthday ;)

Anyways, back to those friendly friends of mine. 

Most people could (and probably do) roll their eyes at my birthday madness month. Not my great friends, oh no. They pull out all the tricks! Surprise visits and thoughtful presents. Creative birthday wishes and gourmet meals. Singing and dancing and laughing, oh my! I had such a wonderful weekend celebrating with the most thoughtful and fun group of people. Ever. I also gained 5 lbs. this weekend so let's just call it a success all around. 

Ruth, I am so glad you flew in for the weekend! Live with me forever. And never leave for a year again. No m'am.

Dan, will you come into town for surprise visits more often? With flowers? I'm spoiled. 

Caroline, err I mean Shamu, high five on the best. texts. ever. Texting teenagers everywhere should be jealous. 

Kate, OMG SCOUTMOB! You know how to feed my food obsession. 

I can't finish this post without also saying thanks to my greatest family and my greatest Freddiefriend. And FF's fam. Everyone was birthday-licious. And I loved every second spent with all of you! Now, time to get ready for Santa. 


Ruth said...

I will never roll my eyes at your birthday extravaganza. So glad I could be there with you! Love love love.

Russ said...

You mean we can FINALLY stop celebrating your Birthday Month?!

Meagan Murtagh said...

your dress is adorable!
xo the egg out west.

navy and orange said...

love your orange dress!

xoxo navy & orange


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