September 1, 2011


One year ago I created and posted my first blog post. It was really captivating and people everywhere flocked to to get some Yippee! It's MLE! action.

true or false?

Okay, so maybe not completely true. It was exactly a year ago. That part is true. And I know my family reads it so that means some people flocking to it. Just work with me here, okay?

Usually on an anniversary, especially one as important as this, you exchange gifts and do special things and talk about how much has changed in whatever amount of time has passed. Blog, my gift to you is this post and all the ones after it. Aww, lucky! The special thing I am doing is posting TWICE in ONE week. Aww, double lucky! As for what has changed since that first post oh so long ago? Well, let's see...

  • My hair got longer. And my bangs grew out. And my dark color grew out. (this is #1 for obvious reasons like, it really is the most exciting thing to happen. ever).
  • I am back at school. Writing papers! Reading, reading, reading! Dancing (and dying)! Yay yay!
  • I now have the best Freddiefriend. (meaning, I have a Freddiefriend who is the best).
  • I was in a movie. Starring, obviously. Ever heard of the Footloose remake? Ever heard of the Footloose remake with Emily Moore's face in it? Coming to a theater near you on October 14.
  • Ann started driving and having a social life and being all popular pants.
  • My mom joined (after being a servant woman/HALFWIT for many, many, many weeks) an improv group at the community theater in Newnan. SO basically, my mom is on Whose Line Is It Anyways: Newnan Edition. 
  • I ran a 5K. I mean, I ran two of them. Lawhammercy, can you believe that? I can't. Forget you people that run 26.2 miles. Forget. You. 
  • I got my first cavity. And discovered these wonderful things called Peanut Butter M&M's. Coincidence? 
That's about it. Nothing else changed.
kidding. I'm sure like one more thing maybe changed...

Anyways, oh dear blogsies of mine, Happy One Year! And here's to many more years and many more (super exciting and wonderful) postings! Yippee!


MaryCaroline said...

Happy First Blogiversary!

Russ said...

Time flies! I especially like "popular pants." Nice turn of phrase.


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