September 9, 2011


Think I just typed in a random assortment of letters creating gibberish to express my gratitude for the weekend? Think again! Thank God It's Finally Friday Because I Was Fixin' To Go Crazy. Catch my drift? Anyone?

And it was only a four day week. What does that say about my tolerance for crazy? ...

Anyways, this week was a doozie if I do say so myself. Monday was like ohhh I might be a tornado or I might just rain and be a lazy not laboring Labor day. Tuesday fired back with its best welcome to your fake Monday day this week, here is a big gift of suck with which you can celebrate. (except for a lovely dinner with MC and FF...)Wednesday tried her best to be nicer, but was quickly overtaken with classeshomeworktestsmoreclassesandnofun. Thursday really really wanted to copy Wednesday, but finally came around and was like hey mans, let me give you some sunshine and a small amount of rest and recovery. All of this was slowly leading up to...FRIDAY! FRIDAY! Gotta get down on Friday!

My Friday began with senior pictures. What Emily?! You're finally graduating high school? Congrats! No no, silly gooses (geese?) Classy and fabulous Agnes Scott gives you the opportunity to get some senior pics taken for the yearbook at your location of choice. [disclosure: anywhere on campus] Lucky for us graduating folk, the campus is b-e-a-utiful so the real problem is choosing just one spot for your pictures. I had the first appointment today so I got up so early to shower and smell nice and look nice and wear real non dance clothes. Let me tell you, I was going all out. I even braved a sundress in this craycray am I fall or am I not?weather. My session literally lasted ten minutes, after which I was cold. And looked like a smiley retard. So, cheers! To smiley silly 5 year old looking pictures! I'm so happy we could share our morning together.

On a somewhat completely different yet similar note, I am still getting the other Emily Moore's first year e-mails. Did you know I could run in the first year class elections? Did you know that I could also just slack off and graduate in 2015 and no one would know because there are too many Emily Moore's in this world? Did you know when I got a package today they had written Emily C. Moore on it? They had to add the C because people take my name! They didn't put the Butts at the end of Moore so it felt a little off. Okay, enough of this. Let's move on to happier places.

To sum everything up, as I sit here waiting on my Freddiefriend to get off work so we can drive to Newnan so we can see a wonderful improv show starring my mother (hey hey run-on's), all I can think is TGIFFBIWFTGC. And I know you're thinking it too.

I should be thinking about this. Hey, homework! Lookin' good. Just not on Friday, Friday!

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MaryCaroline said...

Hmmmmm, interesting remembrance of Tuesday!


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