August 29, 2011

how i've missed you

Oh schoolsies, you know I love you. Even if you don't let me ease back into anything.

Upon my arrival back at the Scott, I was informed (by just about every department I visited) that there was another Emily Moore on campus. Say what?! Another me?? Someone stole my name! Horrors! I've always grown up with lots of Lauren's, and Laura's, and Katie's, and John's, but other Emily's? Other Emily Moore's?! It is unheard of! After having to go round and round (and round and round, get the picture?) with the school to get my e-mails and my financial aid information and my mailbox and my everything back to ME, Emily C. Moore, I had an epiphany about the name of one of my future children. Story time?

sidenote: the other Emily Moore's middle name is Ann. Hello, can you say creepcreepy. I wonder when her b-day is...
sidenote deux: Saying Emily C. Moore reminds me of my friend in high school who always called me Emily C. Moore Butts. 

Once upon a time I started thinking about baby names. What? That's not weird, okay. I know that all of you out there have already picked out several names for your future children so shut up (and half of them are Emily Moore, right?). So, I did what any normal teenager planning baby names would do, I asked my grandparents what some old family names were. I got everything from Pink Pauline to Potch to Dot to Zella Mae. I'm sorry, should I say type that again...Zella Mae. I hesitate to share such a great name with all of the internet and beyond, BUT it is something that has to be done. I always jokingly, very jokingly, said I was naming my kid Zella Mae. Well kids, this week officially sealed the deal. My child will be Zella Mae and never ever have to deal with silly name copying or stealing. So let's all agree right now that even though I have shared my super secret awesome child name with you, you will not go and name your kids that because then the world will be overtaken by the Zella Mae's. Ah! Can you imagine?! 

So there's my epiphany. I'm pretty stoked about it, for obvious reasons. If anyone would like to share some more unique wonderful amazing Zella Mae-ish type names, be my guest. (just don't put Emily Moore on the list or I might cry--stop taking my name!)

In other news, want to be a creep creep and see where I sleep sleep?
oh twin beds and dorm furniture, how I've missed you.               (not)

I really am so happy to be back (minus the obvious E Moore and twin bed dilemmas...). For now, the homework and no free time schedule is cute and sweet. Obviously school and I are still in our honeymoon phase, but lawd, I am going to enjoy it while I can. 

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MaryCaroline said...

I've never ever had a "same name" problem. Just saying.


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