November 4, 2015

currently: the let's go on a trip edition

cooking //
I think I've mentioned my obsession with sweet potatoes one or twenty-five times before. I've also way overdone the joke about potentially turning orange because of my obsession, but really. I think I am going to turn orange. Here's my favorite way to cook them (recipe created by The Famous Freddiehusband Chef). Preheat over to 450. Cut sweet potatoes into small pieces. Put pieces in a gallon bag. Pour oil of choice, Italian seasoning, cumin, and garlic salt in bag. Just eyeball it and decide when the bag of spices and sweet pots smells amazing. Shake, shake, and shizzake that bag. Put on baking sheet and cook on one side for 20 minutes. Scrape and flip pieces. Cook for another 20 minutes. Eat all of them sweet potatoes and have no regrets.

tip: you can use anywhere from one sweet potato to ten. I suggest using as many as you think your tummy can possible handle.

planning //
Lots and lots and lots of Pilates classes. In my crazy mind I thought that once I was on a regular teaching schedule that I wouldn't be hitting the books as much. HA. Mark this down as the first and only time I was ever wrong. But yeah, I was super wrong. Our dining room and/or coffee table pretty much always look like that.

smelling // 
Blog truth: I just lit a candle so I could have an answer to this that didn't read along the line of: erm, nothing. So, blog world, I am smelling a delicious non-apple-y, cinnamon-y candle.

appreciating //
Mr. Lupe. Or Lups as he is formally called around here. I never ever ever ever ever ever (add another fifty evers) thought I would want a dog or be a dog person, but this dog makes me want to cuddle and snuggle and squeeze the crap outta him. The crap! Outta him! All day long! Hesjustsocuteallthedangtimehowisitevenlegal <<to be read without taking a breath and in a baby voice.

anticipating //
We leave bright and early Friday morning for a crazy, fun-filled week. Emphasis on the crazy and the fun parts. BIG EMPHASIS ON THE CRAZY AND FUN PARTS! We start in Asheville for a friend reunion and some fall weather (because green leaves are still a thing here in Houston. Eye roll), next Charleston so the hole in my heart since we moved can get worse heal, and then Atlanta for one of my best friends' weddings! ! ! ! More exclamation points needed to properly describe the excitement and anticipation I am feeling. Hashtag all the feelings.

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Amanda @ this IS my real hair said...

I have been having a real thing for sweet potatoes too. Do you ever call them yams? Whenever I randomly call them that, people around here look at me like I'm crazy... but there has to be a state that calls them yams. There has to be!! Ok, that got weird.

Thanks for posting about what you are smelling! That reminds me that I should really go stock up on candles before I hit the open road next week! I need more Bath & Body Works Leaves! It is 100% my new obsession. I hate that the candle doesn't last very long... but I'm compromising because it smells THAT good.


Anne said...

Sweet potato lovers unite! Just picked up several more at the market to fuel my habit... I am also kind of obsessed with roasted carrots (just roast with salt and a bit of olive oil until they get nice and soft and YUMMY) - I bought a 5-pound bag at Costco for Hendrik's birthday party and had about 4.5 pounds left over at the end, so I was eating a full tray of those every day, on top of my sweet potato habit. So I really well and truly should be orange by now. Going to have to try your seasoning mix though - sounds nice! I usually just use olive oil and this handy harissa spice shaker that I got at Whole Foods - adds a little zing (but not too much).

Anne said...

p.s. so fixated on the sweet potatoes I just finally managed to actually read the rest of the post :) I pretty much did the exact same thing with "smelling", ha. And your upcoming week sounds so great - enjoy!! Thanks for linking up!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

yayyyy so fun!! trips are so exciting. take lots of photos so i can be jealous.
i am not good with sweet potatoes, i had no idea they were that easy! totally going to try that. one day.

Carly Messmer said...

I LOVE sweet potatoes! I need to make your version. I do something similar and toss them in a taco. They're so great.

Meg Taylor said...

Hahaha I love that you lit a candle for this post ;) I have been all about the candles lately! I hope you have THE BEST TIME on your Southern trip. If you have a free hour while you're here and want to meet up, you know I'd be down!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I love sweet potatoes (and potatoes, but sweet potatoes more) but I never buy them because I am waaaaaay too lazy to cook potatoes. It takes more than 10 minutes? Count me out. Hahaha. I need to get over because they are delish. Also that Lupe pic makes me squeal. Have such a great trip!!!

Caitlin @ Candyfloss & Persie said...

haha, don't I know how you feel about dogs!! I leave for work every morning basically screaming WHHHHHYYYYY as his big eyes look up at me (not really but squeezing all day long, yes!!!).

Always fun to have a big trip on the horizon!!!!

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Definitely going to try making sweet potatoes that way!

Candace Shiflet said...

hahah if you turn orange, post a picture, k? :) I heard you can turn orange from eating too many carrots! That is so cool that you teach Pilates!! You should do a youtube video and teach me a good routine :) So lucky you'll be traveling a bit coming up! A friend reunion will be so fun! Andddd of course you're going to Atlanta, I want to go there so bad! Eat some peaches for me :)
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

Darcy said...

I LOVE sweat potatoes! And your "scent" sounds great. oh the things we do for these blogs!

Sarah said...

Those sweet potatoes sound great! We eat quite a few at our house. Im convinced my husband will also turn orange.

Kayla MKOY said...

I'm totally making that sweet potato side ASAP. Except why did I call it a "side"? I could eat those for dinner. This isn't good. I'm planning on blogging about portion control tomorrow ;) bahah #sillykayla #whatareportions?

ALSO! I totally read that end about Lupe in that baby dog voice. Can't help it! He's so stinkin cute!!!


Joey @ Hodgespodges said...

Ah! Wish Charlotte was on your road trip list! Have lots of fun and be safe!

Lita said...

Loving the blog design and I NEED to see pictures of your weekend. Soooo, you better take a crap ton of them and post them all to your blog. mmmkay??



birdie to be said...

I need to make some sweet potatoes like this! YUM! Happy Friday!

Jenna Griffin | Gold & Bloom said...

Ahhhh, safe travels, friend! Asheville, Charleston, and Atlanta all in one week?! That sounds magical! I can't wait to hear about it all.

Oh, and sweet potatos sound amazinnnng right now and it's not even 10:30 am. Ha.

thanks for linking up!


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