November 19, 2015

a love triangle

Oh, you beautiful, magical land of the Chucks. 

I've been wanting to write a post like this for awhile. You know, one of those my heart is torn/I am emotional/hear me roar kind of posts. 

You see, I love Houston. I really, really do. Moving is a huge change, but I feel like for what it was (a huge, ginormous, big, cross-country move) that we have adjusted fairly painlessly. Hashtag blessed.

Lately I've been missing the CUH-RAP out of Charleston. The crap. Like when people say they miss something so much it hurts --->that, in the least dramatic way possible, is how I have felt lately. Maybe the newness of the big move and a new city has worn off some, but whatever it is I was so bleep word excited to go visit Charleston last week!

So bleeping bleep excited. 
I told Freddie that this quick Chawlston visit would either a) give me closure or b) make me even more sad. Don't worry, it didn't do either. It made me go with option c) all of the above. 

We had just about 48 hours to fit in all of our favs. PSA: it is impossible to fit in all your Charleston favs into a 48 hour period. P.S. on the PSA: we did the best we could. 

We shopped on King. 
Charleston trip blog
Stopped for cookies. 
Charleston trip blog
Got happy at some happy hours. 
Strolled all up and the down beach.
Charleston trip blog
Visited with the best students and best co-workers. And blinked during picture time...
Charleston trip blog
..and ate enough food to last our bodies for at least three more weeks. it possible to love two things at once? Because I truly, really do love living in Houston. I tell you I do, I do! I love the opportunities that are coming up for Pilates. I love that Freddie is in heaven at his new job. I love that we have a view of gorgeous downtown from our balcony. I love that we can eat the best, freshest tortillas ever. I love that we could explore every day for the rest of our lives, and still have new things to do here. I love it all (as obvious by the number of times I said the word love here...).

But, but, love for Charleston, it runs real deep. It feels like home. I miss the familiarity. The people. The places. The life we had there. I miss trivia nights, and champagne cocktails at Rarebit. I miss driving two miles for Sunday Funday Beach day, and I miss the friendships and the kiddos I taught. I miss laughing on King St. while eating Jeni's (always eating Jeni's...), and dancing on Queen St. after performances.

But I love our life here in Houston.
My heart is split in two, I tell ya.

Change is good and I do believe we are where we are supposed to be.

...but I also believe that it's okay to admit that change is hard, and that you're kind of in love with two places. :)

Charleston, never change. I'll be back soon for that champagne cocktail.

Are you nosy and wanting to know what we ate while back home in Charleston? Because I'm always nosy and wanting to know where people ate when they are in foody cities. 
Shrimp tacos and plantains at Fuel.
Cookies from King St. Cookies.
Cloister cocktails at Prohibition.
Champagne cocktails and catfish po-boys at Rarebit.
Burgers and truffle mac n' cheese are Coleman Public House.
Anything at Southernly.
Ice cream at Jeni's.

Over and out.


Carly Messmer said...

It's so easy to fall for Charleston. It breaks my heart on the daily and I live here.

Erin LFF said...

It's absolutely possible to love two things at once- maybe even more, you never know! I can't imagine up and moving across the country like you guys did, because I know it would break my heart too- no matter how awesome the new city was! Just gotta' be thankful that BOTH places are great and that like you said you are where you're supposed to be. Never know where else life may lead you in the future so soak it all in now :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

This is SO ACCURATE. When your heart belongs to somewhere, it's hard! But it sounds like you're hang a beautiful attitude and not letting your love for one place take away from enjoying the other!

Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

I want to visit Houston and Charleston and fall in love with both of them now! (Mostly by eating delicious food.) I'm sure it's so hard to leave Charleston every time. I mean I was all sad about leaving Seattle and it's just a few hours driving...and we're already going back to visit on December 4th! Sheesh.

Meg Taylor said...

What an amazing trip you had! I definitely know what you mean about how hard it is to leave a place that was once home, but I also love how much you're enjoying Houston!


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