November 30, 2015

on to christmas

It's hard to write a post about Thanksgiving when I'm sitting on my couch, staring at our Christmas tree. The colorful lights are making our floors look like a mix of pinky, and blue-y, and green-y. The party lights from the projection tree topper (seriously, best purchase ever. All the Christmas raves are happening here because of this baby.) are making this apartment HOPPIN'. 

Since I just can't find the Thanksgiving words with my Christmas surroundings, and because a picture is worth a thousand words I will now give you a five thousand word post merely by posting five pictures from my weekend of thanks and giving. 

Thanksgiving Eve consisted of Freddie cooking and me sitting and watching while singing with Lupe.
Ironically, this is what every evening looks like at our house. 

Our sweet friends (and fan-freaking-tastic wedding photographers) invited us to spend Thanksgiving with their family here in Texas. I never realized how much a) living this far away from family sucked during the holidays and b) how much having sweet friends rocked. Also guacamole was served along with all the regular Thanksgiving foods so basically best first Texas Thanksgiving ever.
I say all of this unnecessarily to preface this picture of Freddie's hiney way up in the air helping with the tree train. What a booty-ful picture.

I had my first Black Friday shopping experience. Or I guess you could say my first Black Friday ride-along shopping experience. I don't know what all your people are talking about when you speak of the BF craziness.
Here's how it went down. Got in line at 4:30. Got inside Target at 6. Walked to the back of the store. By the time we got to the back, our friend Randy was already paying for his Apple Watch. Walked back outside at 6:11. Got a trophy for calmest Black Friday shopping. 

We have a dog named Lupe. He likes to lick a lot. Especially when Thanksgiving selfies are involved.
Also, is Lupe a girl's name? Did we fail as doggy parents? Because so many people here call him a girl. Can we just agree Lupe is a gender neutral name?

I tend to view Thanksgiving as an obstacle on the road to Christmas. SO GUESS WHAT? You best believe this beautiful, youthful, goddess of a Christmas tree came home with us after Thursday was over.
It's tiny which is perfect for our tiny apartment. It's also cute and that helps with the cuteness factor of our apartment, as well.

And now I think I'll get that Christmas music turnt up and get this Monday moving along.
How was your Thanksgiving? 


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Lupe is totally a boy name! That rapper Lupe Fiasco is most definitely a male. Also thank goodness it is officially Christmastime. No more of that, "It's not even Thanksgiving wah wah wah" crap!

Meg Taylor said...

Haha Mattie is so right about Lupe Fiasco! I forgot about him. I vote gender neutral! Looks like a great holiday, and your tiny tree is so cute. We got ours yesterday, too!

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

last year, KC and I went to Target, waited in line for half an hour and we're in and out in 10 minutes. This year, my friend and I went, had no issues browsing like it was a normal saturday, the checkout line was a bit long, but we got there later. i know some people don't dig the opening on thanksgiving, but i think it helps spread the crazy insane-ness out. that and online shopping.
Lupe is totally a boy name?! maybe people think you are saying Lou. hahaha.

Carly Messmer said...

I'm totally on board with guacamole at Thanksgiving!

Candace Shiflet said...

Awhh!! I'm glad you got to have an awesome Texas style Thanksgiving with friends! Their tree is kind of amazing!!! haha I went to Target for BF, too!! I was surprised how normal it was. I've been BF shopping where it's been NUTS but that's usually at the mall. Target was busy but the lines were SO fast!
xo C

Erin LFF said...

I had trouble focusing after "guacamole at Thanksgiving" :) I have repeatedly told Jared that the best part of our honeymoon was the fact that I could have guacamole as part of every.single.meal while we were in Mexico, lol :) Lupe is totally a boy's name! The only Lupe I "know" is Lupe Fiasco the rapper and he is a dude!

Kayla MKOY said...

Okay a few things.

You win at life for having the coolest tree topper ever. Seriously, your snapchats at night rock my world - not in a weird way.
Guacamole SHOULD be served all the time. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. ;)
Lupe is totally a boys name.
Your tree is so cute.
I wish I could cook like Ricky.

Haha! YAY for Christmas!!!!


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