December 14, 2012

favs on a friday

Thoughts on Tuesday. Friday Favs. Apparently I am all about alliteration on this blog now. Does that mean tomorrow has to be Saturday Stories? Or Saturday Scandals?? 

The possibilities are endless. 
However, this week is not endless (Thank God) and it has almost come to an end. What better way to celebrate than a short review of the good stuff?

1- The Garden Lights at Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Freds and I went on Tuesday night and basked in the Christmasness. New word! Last night I had a dream that Freddie skipped around singing Christmas songs with me. If only that had happened here. 
2- Hand made gifts for our troupe students! Lindsey and I got creative (okay, Pinterest got creative for us) and made some of the best holiday gifts that any student shall ever receive. :)
3- A Poinsettia tree. I don't think this needs much more explanation. It is beautiful. And I love it. Period.
4- This is what you find when you go Christmas light looking in Georgia. Santa in the porta potty and Pooh (ehhh, anyone?) in line behind him. I feel so sorry for those of you living somewhere other than Georgia during the Holidays. 

What were your favorites this week?
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Ashley said...

Those treat bags look fun! What's in them?

Veronica and Daniel said...

WoW! That poinsettia tree is amazing! It must have been so tall to fit all those layers of poinsettias. Stunning!

Anonymous said...

that tree is amazing!


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