December 11, 2012

baby, it's cold(ish) outside

Tuesday thoughts (and facts, I say!):

Wow, I'm almost done with my first semester of teaching!
The only downside to teaching little twinkled toe girls in Atlanta is this:
So uh, what's the fastest route home? Trick question. There isn't one!

The candy man ain't got nothing on Freddiefriend the cotton candy man. This is the result of going "Christmas shopping for other people." Imagine me doing the obnoxious quote unquote gesture here. One cotton candy machine equals one very excited Freddie. And excited Freddie just happens to be the best.

Last and certainly not least, this time next week I will be here. No, not here on the blog. Here, Disney World!
Christmas at Disney is more magical than Christmas at the North Pole. Even Santa agrees, I'm sure. Eee! 

What are you thinking about on this fine Tuesday?

Linking up with Helene.


Russ said...

I'm thinking TWO blog posts in TWO days. EEEE!

Kayla Peveler said...

So jealous you will be in Disney!! Lucky girl ;)

Ashley said...

Disney World??!?!?!!? I'm coming with!

Helene said...

so lucky about disney world!!! so fun, and love the cotton candy.
your route home is crazzzy.


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