February 24, 2012

five facts on a friday

This week was about as fun as dipping one's toes in burning oil.  Okay, it wasn't that bad. It was more like dipping one's toe in really really really hot water when that person really really really did not want to dip their toes in the hot water. Or something to that effect. 

Everyone loves David Letterman and I'm fairly certain, as in 100% positive, that it is because of his Top Ten. In order for everyone to love me I am 100% positive that I will need to do a Top Five today. It actually is not Top Five so to speak--it's more of Five Completely Random Facts About My Life. Do you love me yet?

  1. I woke up with a bird's nest of a tangle in my hair this morning. Literally, a bird's nest in my air. I was waiting for the chirping. I can't believe I am saying this, but...I would almost prefer to wake up with my cowlick's devil horn(s) than with the mother of all tangles. Life of a straight haired girl, I tell you what.
  2. My 89 year old grandfather got a Facebook. I still feel like this isn't real life. Mostly because every time I read a comment or wall post of his, I realize it sounds more and more like my father. Who probably made the Facebook for him. And probably is commenting for him. You aren't fooling anyone, Russ Moore. 
  3. Some of my dance friends have been saying I should add food and recipe posts on my blog. I couldn't think of a better idea for someone who eats as much as I do. It might help if I cooked some more, but we'll work on that. I could have a mean post about my pb sandwiches. Just sayin'. Also, the seamless way I open new hummus packets. Ahh, more to come on this new food post stuff. 
  4. I had a test this week. Tests are...stupid. Give me a paper to write and I'll knock your socks off. Give me a test to take and I'll keep your socks on your feet. Very very tightly around your feet. The only refreshing thought that comes from this is I graduate in less than THREE months! !!! !!! !!! 
  5. Bhumi (my roommate for those of you who fail at stalking me) had a birthday this week and is having a birthday party this weekend. A potluck style birthday party. This girl, knows how to pull on my heartstrings. It's like she's doing a birthday party surrounded by food in order to make me feel like it's my birthday too. I've been pinteresting like crazy up in here to find a unique recipe for this potluck. But, you'll hear more about that when I start my fabulous line of food posts soon. 
Well, if you love me a little more because I am posting lists like David Letterman then that is great. If you hate me...then go start your own blog. 

I can't have a pictureless blog so enjoy this picture of Bhumi's birthday outfit!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Emily! So find a pole. It's probably much safer -and you'd have an appreciative audience of hooting and hollering men

Seriously, we are so relieved you.re okay




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