February 12, 2012

fab feb

What has Emily been up to recently?....is the question I hear y'all asking yourselves all the time. I have decided to break all the curious minds and answer that question.

First of all, I have to point out that it is February 12. No, I am not pointing this out in the AHH! Valentine's Day is only TWO days away! Go get your gifts and dinner reservations, people! kind of way. I am pointing it out in the AHH! It is already mid-February. Why is time going so quickly? Have I graduated college yet? What am I doing? kind of way. I mean February is really close to March which is close to May which is close-ish to August and then before you know it we'll be putting up Christmas trees. It will happen that fast. 

But that doesn't tell you what I've been doing! Silly me.

February started out with performances. Lots of them. Ann's school did The Mikado and my mom was a NITWIT. Hey now, I am not calling my mom a nitwit. She is in NITWITS improv group. Look it up/go to all their shows. Having such an artsy-fartsy fam keeps my calendar pretty full, lemme tell ya. One weekend it's Mom doing improv or something, the next weekend is Disney(duh), and then it's Ann's show. Did you know that Ann Moore can belt it out? Yeah, me either. Weird. I wonder what other secret talents she has...

This weekend was a doozie. A doozie in the best kind of doozie way. Unfortunately I did not get to see Ann sing her heart out or my mom improvise like she's a Whose Line pro, I DID get to:

1) Take the GRE--This was more of a have to than a get to, if you know what I mean. In addition to memorizing a plethora (GRE word!) of vocabulary words, Freddie and I confronted my antipathy (GRE word!) towards all things math. That is code for Freddie spent hours trying to teach me how to do math. 
F: What is 4+4?
E: Stop asking me questions.
F: I'm trying to help. So...the answer is?
E: I'm not answering that.
F: That means you don't know?

This went on for hours and hours of pure fun math partying!

2) Run a race in my underwear--Uh, what? My race team, Dance Your Pants Off, and I ran in the Cupid's Undie Run this year. Remember how it's been 60 degrees every day this year since January 1? But then there was one day when the high was 37? Yeah, that would be the day of the underwear race. F-f-f-freezing in our underwear (a.k.a. leotard and shorts, everyone's underwear choice, right?), we ran the 1 mile-ish route through VaHi. The cold was well, cold, but the wind was TERRIBLE. Why why why did Miss Wind have to blow us out like birthday candles? I have goosebumps just thinking about Saturday. The good news? We were running for the Children's Tumor Foundation. Bhumi kept us pumped with constantly yelling, "You love kids! Do it for the kids!" Children, I did it for you. 

3) See Atlanta Ballet's Princess and the Goblin (and start celebrating Bhumi's big ole 22 birthday)-- Twyla Tharp was in the house. The Atlanta Ballet house. If you don't know who Twyla Tharp is, go look her up right now. While you're at it, go look up who Emily Moore and Bhumi Patel are because we are equally as awesome, FYI.

Things to look forward to during the next few weeks: not studying for the GRE, not running in my leotard underwear, babysitting one of my fav kiddos (HEY GRACE!), multiple Fat Kid Fridays, Bhumi's birthday potluck (more Fat Kid days), and celebrating a whole year spent with the infamous Freddiefriend. 

leotard underwear and freezing temps

Partying it up with Twyla

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Twyla looks young!


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