February 3, 2012

flashy not trashy

Have you ever watched flash mobs on YouTube and been like, "Wow dude, awesome" or, "I WANT TO BE IN ONE!!!" or, "Uh, when can I see one in person?" Especially the flash mob proposals. Oh my gosh, I die every time. And when he pulls the ring out it's like omg, no way?! Surprise every time, right?

Last week the Flash Mobs gods were feeling really generous and answered our little flashy prayers. Studio Dance Theatre, my college dance company, was asked to perform in a flash mob. At the High Museum. For College Night. Chyeah people, we flash mob in style. None of this flash mob on sidewalks business. We considered the offer for a full hundredth of a second before screaming YES YES YES and dancing and jumping up and down and doing cartwheels and...you get the picture. We were those "I WANT TO BE IN ONE!" kind of people. 

With only a week to prepare, we got to business. Secretly choreographing and secretly have rehearsals with the secret group of 25 dancers. Two rehearsals later (we can I say, we're also smart flash mobbers) we were ready for the big day. The plan was for us to be meandering around and in the dance party at College Night. Suddenly, the DJ would play a song to which we all just happened to know a choreographed dance and gradually we would add in until all 25 of us were dancing for the last part. 

It was a BLAST. And a half. The crowd was screaming, we were screaming, and I bet even the Security guards were looking like they had some ants in their pants. I mean, come on, it's a flash mob! A flash mob! Everyone loves a good ole flash mob!! !!

If you hate flash mobs, then you probably hate this blog. Sorry I'm not sorry. 

Now, a week later, we are all in a deep state of no flash mobs depression. So watch out, you never know when we will strike next ;) No one pulled out a rock of a ring and proposed after our flash mob so that is just going to have to happen next time in order to fulfill my dream of dancing in a flash mob proposal. Flash Mob gods, did you hear that? Get on it. 

this video is not the best quality, but what can I say? It's hard for a little phone camera to catch all the awesomeness that was this flash mob.


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