December 6, 2011

clap your hands, stomp your feet

It's that time of year again...


...but that is not what I am talking about. I'm talking about the time when I make a happy list. Between finals and papers and a lot of too much Christmas candy eating, I think it is the perfect time for a happiness list. Let's get happy!

  1. Almost being done with school. Let me tell you, I only have one final left and a) I have gotten really good at finding things to do other than study and b) it hasn't hit me yet that this semester is purty much doneso. Yo. 
  2. All TLC shows. TLC, how do you know the ways to grasp and maintain all my love and attention? Now if only you could erase all commercials...
  3. Making Christmas trees with my Christmas tree maker app. What whaaaat! Fun for all! Want me to e-mail you my latest creation?!
  4. Having multiple end of the semester/Christmas/homework parties with the Agnes folk. These parties mostly consist of eating which has caused me to become a giant blob of blobby blobness that blobs around everywhere. But it is too much fun to stop! Self-control is lamesies!
  5. Watching Ultimate Proposal videos. Bhumi and I are obsessed. And it is amazing. I don't believe these proposals are real life. Helloooo, false high expectations for our futures, nice to meet you. 
  6. Counting down to the Disney trip. One week. Time for hot chocolate and cookies and Mickey and the Osborne lights and happiness all around!
  7. Getting to remember what a great dog Cello was. I miss her so much more than I thought and the silliest things remind me of her. I thought of 100 more things about her that I will miss, but I decided not to add a part 2 to that sad blog because MC is all about celebrating the life so.. DOG, I am celebrating yer life. 
  8. Dating Freddie and getting to hear his awesome laugh all the time. I would type it out to show you all how great it is but...
  9. Finally putting ornaments on our tree at home. It is b-e-a-utiful. Even if it's short. Don't tell MC I said that. 
  10. Wearing THIS Christmas sweater and getting to have Santa with me at all times. BFFs for ever for reals. 

p.s.- my roommate made a happy list awhile ago. Check it out. And gimme your lists!

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