December 28, 2011

On the third day after Christmas...

3 days after the big day with the big guy and I bet the last thing you want to do is read a post about Christmas. Too bad. Now that you've started reading you just can't stop. 

I had a spectacular Christmas this year. Especially for someone who couldn't think of anything they (I) wanted and then they (I) ended up with a MacBook Pro. Happy first post from my new Mac! Didn't you notice that this post just seemed more superior than all the other posts? Yeah, I thought so. It is all because of this baby. 

We broke several of our Christmas traditions this year. The biggest one being that we didn't celebrate Christmas at my grandparents house--we had it at our house. Can you believe it?! Spending a Christmas at home for the first time in my whole super long life? Crazy. It was worth every crumpled up piece of wrapping paper and every bow found under the couch. 

I found something that I love almost as much as peanut butter m&m's, Christmas lights, and not making decisions: the look on a person's face as he or she opens a really exciting gift. It is pure bliss, I tell you! Makes you smile all Chistmas-y and Santa-y! Especially because I got to sit by this guy and see his reaction over and over again...

I tell you what, if you have a FreddieFriend type of friend then I am sure you've got it just as bad as I do. As I went into my annual deep state of depression on December 26 I told Freddie that it was the saddest day of the year. Christmas was over, decorations were still up after everything even though they didn't need to be, and you have to wait a whole year for Christmas again. A whole year! Before I started weeping hysterically (okay, not really but go with it) Freddie told me that it was a great day because it is the first day that we get to play with all of our toys that we got for Christmas. I started to disagree and say that I could have used my wok yesterday on Christmas (p.s.--I got an awesome wok too) and Freddie pointed out that I had no ingredients and the stores were closed on Christmas so no, I could not have played with my wok on Christmas. I needed it to be December 26. What a guy! He deserved lots of x's and o's for Christmas. 

Know what we did next? Went to the store on that fine December 26 day and bought ingredients to make yummy stir-fry for supper. 

Pictures from the ho ho ho-iest of days! (Note all of the happy schmappy faces.)

Merry 362 days until Christmas! ;)

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