December 21, 2011

she was just a spoiled brat

Disney has been done. We (Me, MC, Russ Moore, Lil' Ann, FreddieFriend, Uncle John) got back on Sunday from a fabulous 6 day trip to Orlando for some Disney Christmas fun. Disney at Christmas is B-E-A-UTIFUL. No really, I don't think you understand how beautiful it is. 


And, see this?!

Over here!

Christmas is for sure my favorite time to be at Disney. Okay, so maybe I say that about every time I go--so what? You only wish you were as awesome as Disney (Six Flags, I'm talking to you).

This trip was my fav for many reasons. Some of which include:
  • Getting to spend Christmas-y Disney with Freddie and seeing him take a bajillion pictures. Seriously, paparazzi of Disney was in the house (of mouse) and I loved it.
  • Finally getting to see my brother. And my bhabff (best hoe and best friend forever).
  • Basking in the Osborne Family Lights. I want to pitch a tent on the street and live there during this time. Fake snow, Christmas music, and 3 million dancing Christmas lights? Who wouldn't want to live there?!
  • Learning that grown males need leashes. You know the kids on leashes you always see in crowded places? Hello Russ, Freddie, and John, you now have a new Christmas present--a man leash. We spent more time looking for them or waiting on them than we spent actually being with them. 
  • Going to Disney 20+ times and still being able to do and try and eat new things. 
While all these things were fabulous and wonderful, the best part of the trip comes from Russ Moore's birthday party day. After a very stressful and busy afternoon spent park hopping and trying to secretly plan something for Dad's birthday, Mom was able to set up a dinner reservation. Ann, Uncle John, and Dad were determined to ride Tower of Terror 30 minutes before the super secretsies birthday dinner. Worried that they would not make it back in time for our reservation but not wanting to reveal the secret to Russ Moore, Mary Caroline called Russ and said that his elder daughter (oh p.s.--that is me) was starving and wanting to eat right now and in order to try and please everyone the restaurant could only take us right now if they could come and meet us. Disappointed and Tower of Terror-less Russ Moore came moping back to the restaurant, sat down, looked at me and said, "Well I wanted to ride that but the giant black hole at the center of the universe that sucks all the light out of everything (oh p.s.-- that is me again) insisted we eat right away." 

Russ Moore say whaaaaaat?! Did y'all catch that? The part about the black hole at the center of the universe that sucks that light out of everything?

He eventually found out that was a cover and this was his birthday surprise. But that happy ending part of the story doesn't matter. All that does matter is now we know how Russell really feels about his middle child! My poor life! So sad! Being the middle child and getting blamed for everything is so hard! How will I ever survive in this cruel world?!

I know, I'll survive by moving here!

In other news, 3ish days until Christmas! ! ! !!!!!!!

Also, I would like to thank Russ Moore for giving me something about which to blog that makes me look so pathetic and sad and makes people feel sorry for me and want to send me lots of Christmas presents. I love you!

Just kidding about the presents, just read my blog erry'day. Best present ever. 

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Russ said...

I don't think I said, "giant." Glad to have helped in some small way!


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