August 4, 2011



Shark Week has never been a calendar worthy/freak out excited/omg it's finally here kind of week for me. (probably because the year revolves around Christmas and July 15). I mean, my dad occasionally has it on every year (
HELLO, he has a Y chromosome, of course he has Shark Week on). My best friend is always like "Weee, Shark Week!!" but she's the one who is at camp with no cable and no internet this one week out of the whole summer... And now my sister has decided that she has to like Shark Week since it's the cool thing to do. You know, like having a meaningless blog (wait, what?) or being "in a relationship" with your best friend on facebook. (Does that confuse any other fabo stalkers out there??) 

Anyways so another year later, here we are. Shark Week.  Usually just another week of mindless eating and watching TLC in my life. But this year, everything has changed. Dun dun dun. 

Here's the story: it's all because I was recently at the beach and had a slight run in with a very scary shark.

Not really. (but I see a Soul Surfer Part II: Emily movie coming out...)

No, the story goes more like this: I babysit. A lot. One of the boys I babysit has recently become fascinated with sharks. When I say fascinated I mean more like fascinated to the point of obsession. Already a shark expert at the tender young age of four? You bet. I'm really glad I can finally be cool now since I've been watching Shark Week re-runs every morning.

Oh wait, I already had a blog. Guess I was already cool. 

Watching shark attack with my little shark expert is extra cool since I get all the added commentary and information about each shark. "Mako sharks?! SO COOL! They are the fastest sharks! Fast as an airplane!" ::does the little Napoleon Dynamite yesssss elbow to hip gesture:: 

On Monday at the beginning of my long week of Nanny MLEing, I picked up the remote and pressed the number for Discovery Channel. The world as that four year old cutie knew it completely changed during that instant. He had completely exhausted any and every shark related movie/show/video on Netflix instant watch. I tried my best to explain to him that this occurrence, this beautiful thing called Shark Week, meant that these shows are on all. week. long. Now that it's Thursday and we are still watching sharks sharks sharks, I think he has finally grasped the concept of an entire week of greatness. However, he still asks to watch "Shark Attack" everyday. We'll work on the proper name next year... 

Disney Channel, sorry your ratings went down this week, but did you really think you could compete with Shark (Week) Attack?

 Are you really trying to talk to me right now?

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Russ said...

I was like that as a yoot. Checked out every book in the library on sharks. Made up a totally crazy dumb stupid impossible story about seeing one and told it at show and tell in 2nd grade. Saw JAWS while on a family vacation at the beach. Managed to get back in the water three days later...

Wish we had had cable back then. Wish we had had TV! (OK, we had TV, and there were sharks on Flipper!...)


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