July 27, 2011

and now for something (not so) completely different

exciting things happening/things that have been making me giddy as of late:

eating this pizza. trying to stuff my face with the whole thing. almost succeeding.

resorting back to my 12 year old american girl doll book reading self and making these bracelets. omgz, who wants to be my BFFA and have a BFF bracelet?? if you want one i will so LYLAS. lols.

stalking this new blog and reading the oldest entries possible. creepy? not so much. crazy fun? you know it. reading this blog post and secretly wishing i was back in high school dancing 24/7 again. crazy? not at all.

getting late birthday cards in the mail. excuse me, they are not late. they are perfectly on time since it is still july and we are still celebrating my birthday, duh. did you really forget that?!

alright, this is probably the most exciting news of the week. or year, really. are you ready? my bangs have finally grown out enough for me to tuck them behind my ear. !!!! it's like an early christmas present or something. i'm sure you're probably thinking, "girl please, quit playin'. you crazy." but, having short bangsies fall in my face every 5 seconds was crazy. now, i am back to the world of normalcy and all my hair does is lie flat on my face and tuck behind my ears, so i see many days of comfortable, boring, great, samesies hairstyles coming up in the near future. anyone (male of female, of course) that has ever attempted to trudge through the excruciating process of growing out their bangs i'm sure can share the excitement and exclamation pointing with me. !!!!! 

!!!                                                       !!!                       !!                     !                        !            !!
          !                   !!                                                   !                           !!                      !

and to finish off this list of greatness we have peanut butter m&m's. i can't even try to explain their greatness because i will not do it justice. there is nothing else you need in life to survive. they have peanut butter which is protein and great, chocolate which is sugar and great, and if you drink some milk with them you're getting your calcium sooo you're pretty much set. and in really really great shape. and you should have stopped reading this a few lines up and gone out to get yourself some of these beauties.

well, have you gotten any yet?

1 comment:

Bhumi said...

LOVE your bracelets :)


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