August 20, 2011

too cool for school

And for the past year and a half, that is exactly what I have been: too cool for school. 

Except, not so much. I mean I have been out of school so to any ole Sally, Dick or Jane it would appear that I was, in fact, too cool for school. In reality, I just really wanted to take some time off and play with kids. And maybe make a little bit of the monies to be able to actually go to school. Well as Borat would say, GREAT SUCCESS.  I will be moving back to the world of Scotties tomorrow and starting my last year of college (six years after I went to my first college class) on Wednesday.

I got the official "yes m'am you're coming back" word on Friday afternoon which gave me ample time to pack.  (the rest of Friday and alllll dayyyy Saturday.) (Forget everyone else has been packing all summer.) Nothing like last minute planning, huh? It was a nice thought, spending the weekend packing, but nice thoughts are just that; thoughts. They never quite seem to make it into actions. Friday was spent driving around all of metro Atlanta and then some more places. Saturday morning was spent at the tractor pull. (yessir, I did just say tractor pull.) (and it was everything that I hoped and dreamed it would be.)

But, never fear. I finished piling all of my crap wonderful things into the boxes and bags and tins and cans and anything that had room in which to stuff things. I even finished packing at the ever so early hour of 7 pm. What did I do with my extra few hours on my last night in the Nan? Went to the movies. Saw my face on the big screen in the Footloose preview. (!!) And saw one of my favorite books, The Help, come alive onscreen.

Not too shabby of a night, I'd say. Or a weekend. Or a year and a half. (I am sending out some major lovin' to my mom, dad, and sistergurl.) Now, time to hit the books and hit 'em hard. 

(check out some of my fav photos of my past year!)

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