May 22, 2011

long time no nothing

It has been such a long time, y'all. Hopefully everyone survived the absence of Yippee! Since I am still here on earth after yesterday's rapture, I decided it was finally time to write a blog so all of us left behind-ers could enjoy it.

But, seriously...

Last time we spoke we talked about how cool my mom was. Excuse me, IS--How cool she IS. I could wait to write a new post until Father's Day so we could talk about my Daddy-O and post some old school fatty fatty no friends pictures, but I'm not sure my avid readers could survive that long without an update. So, I'm writing and you're welcome.

Who wants a quick review of the past two weeks? (If your answer was "No," then please stop reading here)

1) Once upon a time, Neil Simon wrote this play. Called Rumors. It's kindofreallyseriouslyforreals hilarious and bonus, that mom I was telling y'all all about, yeah she was in it and I got to see it lots of times. I also got a new BFFA (best friend for awhile, duh) outta this shindig, haaaaay Tony! Thanks for playing my mom's husband and coming over to our house and making CD's and eating brie with me. Moral of this story? A great play had great people in it and great people in the audience and we all lived happily ever after.

2) Graduation. Lots of graduations. My Agnes Scottie friends graduated and got to flip dem rings around to face the world. For those of you not in the know yes, flipping Agnes rings is a big deal. Also for those of you not the know, this is how most people pose in graduation photos.
years before the ring flip

3) A week ago it was in the 50's and I wanted to put my flannel sheets back on my bed. 2 days ago it was in the high 90's and I wanted to turn myself into a giant human ice cube. Whattyaknow, once again Georgia is keeping us on our toes. Nice try GA, but I've still got my pointe shoes and I can play this game all summer long. 

But please don't be in the 100's all summer...

4) My dad and I are plugging through the new Star Trek movie right now. It's one of those movies where we take a pausesies break every 5 minutes and have a conversation like so:
R: Okay, so Vulcans evolved from the planet Vulcan and have weeded out their violent past and show no emotion.
E: K, their eyebrows look like those other dude's eyebrows.
R: The Romulans? Yes, they share the same ancestors, but the Romulans are still violent.
E: K. (plays movie)
R: Wait, pause. Okay, this Spock looks JUST LIKE the guy who played Spock in the TV series.
E: (plays movie)
R: Wait, pause. Spock and Kirk are good friends. Well, Leonard McCoy too. They're the trio of main characters. They call him Bones though. 
E: (plays movie)

Can you guess what happens next? That's right, the explanation of the worm hole/black hole part comes on and I sit with my mouth open in a super duper confused state. Wait, pause break. Okay, time to fully give my attention to Spock. And. James T. Kirk. And Bones man. 

BRB in a few days, or weeks, or months. I'm good at drawing out the length of time between each post. 

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MaryCaroline said...

hahahahahahahahahahahaha! I love your description of watching Star Trek! It's so true!


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