June 6, 2011

use me, baby

Sometimes I forget about my blog. I don't forget about blogpost.com or about my blog friends that I stalk ever so obsessively. No, they don't get the boot. Just my blog does. It just sits there all lonesome wanting to be used and abused. I started the blog for many reasons. One being that my fan base had become quite large and I needed a place to consolidate and please the masses. Number one was obvious to you all, I'm sure. Number two being that I'm not in school right now and I really do love writing and I miss writing and since I am not writing a paper every other day for my liberal arts degree my brain cells are quickly dying of writing starvation and...you get the picture. (I'm really good at run-on sentences.)

Well dude, I'm using you and abusing ya now.  

I had a kid free week last week so it seemed the only logical thing to do was to go to Disney. Being the logical person that I am I, of course, made the hard decision and went to Disney. 4 days of driving, little to no sleeping, walking, eating popcorn/corndog nuggets/pizza/pasta, finding hidden mickey's, being in parades, watching fireworks, watching fat men dance, riding rides/experiencing rides/riding experiences/doing experiences, seeing new additions, getting fab parking spots, not waiting in long lines, seeing old friends, and being there with the best people ( hey heyyyy MC and the Freddiefriend) (and Joseph) (and Caroline).
Hey Hey to you too, Walt.

Every time I get an "off" week, I have to talk myself into getting excited about starting a long week of sitting on babies. This is dumb. I will forever and always think children are the best and should probably write that in permanent marker on my forehead so in times of distress I can be reminded that I love them. You hear that kids? You've got some MLE lovin' coming your way. I spent the day swimming, eating froyo, going to art camp, playing hot potato, singing Disney songs, and listening to a 10 year old's favorite rap songs. Umm, what? Is this really my job right now? My tan line (and my waist line) are so happy right now. Bring on the full time mommy week. I will mommy the pants off of you. (Does that saying work? Not really... Let's pretend it does and move on.)

To my fans/stalkers/family/everyone else, enjoy reading. More than once, if you so desire. I want to see this post get some real good use out of it, understood?

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MaryCaroline said...

Sounds funny that you go to Disney World on your kid-free week . . . .


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