September 7, 2010


As I was wondering what to post next for my lovely readers (maybe I should say reader...), I realized that I had only touched on my time spent in the fabulous life of movies. Voila! A new post is born. First let me give you some visuals of my bff's for this past week:

Oh, how could I forget Mr. Dennis Quaid?! He hadn't actually started filming while I was on set. Most of my time was spent walking behind/in front/beside/etc. Mr. Wormald. When I say most of my time, I mean the 13 and 14 hours a day I spent walking down hallways and across parking lots. (while wearing a sweater in the Georgia summer heat, of course.)

Let me fill you in on some movie secrets. These will change the way you view movies...forever! Not really, but it really is amazing everything that has to go into even just five seconds of film. As extras, we had to literally remember where our feet were at all moments so at the drop of a hat we could recall our location based off of where the director wanted to pick up filming. After the first 13 hour day of being outside while wearing a cardigan, I prayed that I would be so lucky as to spend my next day filming indoors. Well, God answered my prayer seeing as we did film indoors. However, one tiny detail He forgot to mention was that while filming indoors, air conditioning is shut down. Then, strips and poles and hangings of lights lights and more lights are added. After this, we extras are cattled in for a big party. BOOM! We have now created a space even more hot and sticky than the good ole outdoors. I, like my fellow extras, received many many blotting sheets. I think they were mostly meant for our faces, but I saw them being used lots of other places...

I have memorized the script for the scenes in which I took part. If you ever want a performance, give me a call. The other "script" I heard for the week: "ROLLING. rolling rolling hold all traffic rolling rolling. BACKGROUND (my cue) background background. ACTION. action action action. CUT. cut cut. CHECKING THE GATE. SET TO ONE. set to one set to one." It was reminiscent of being trapped in a cave with an echo that is always always going going to to be be around around.

Cynicism aside, it was a great experience and I am so lucky to have had/still be having this opportunity. I can now check the "Be in a Movie" point off of my bucket list :) And yes, when the movie is released we can all go have a giant, "Spot Emily's Face" party. GET READY


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MaryCaroline said...

The thought of going to a movie theater and (hopefully) seeing you on the Big Screen makes me giddy.


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