September 16, 2010

the Moore the Merrier

Using my last name in corny jokes never gets old, right?

Joseph just returned to Orlando after a vacation back home. I know you're probably thinking, "Who takes vacations to home?" Well, he does and we had a lovely "staycation" with him. It was definitely a laid back and relaxing time spent together. The main focus of his trip was eating at all the so called Newnan "hot spots" that he has been missing while away. I slowly felt my belly expanding. Pasta and BAR-B-Q and Pizza and Gelato, oh my! For those of you who are wondering what life with all five Moores back together looks like, I am going to give you a sampling of this joyous occurence.

Mom: What do y'all want for dinner?
(Joseph ignores question and continues to play on phone)
Emily: Let J pick. He is the guest.
(Mom and Emily stare at J)
J: I don't care.
Mom: Emily, you should pick because you're the pickiest.
E: I don't care! Why can't Joseph choose?
Mom: Oh, you don't care? Really? Ok, let's have <insert place she knows MLE hates>
J: Oh! That sounds good!
E: She wasn't being serious.
J: Wait, what? But that sounds good.
(Dad can be heard in background communicating about charter schools via phone)
Ann: Wait, what are we talking about....

The End. Thank you, thank you. I could have gone on much longer, but you really have to experience it in person to truly grasp the frustration...I mean love and kindness.

In other news, Diddy took me to the shooting range today...for the first time. Not any shooting range, but the one in Grantville. Now, for those of you who don't know Grantville let me leave you with this little story: One day as we were driving through a small, rural Georgian town Mary Caroline exclaimed, "If Russ Moore ever told me we were moving here I would slit my wrists." (She was being facetious, let's not get too excited about that remark) Hence the phrase "a slit-your-wrist-town" was born. Oh hello, Grantville. That would be you....according to Emily Moore anyways.

Diddy and I had a great time. Don't mess with us.
If you're not impressed, just look at the lil man in the upper right corner. Um, hello kill shots performed by Emily. (Ok, so I got lucky. Shhhh.)

Tomorrow begins the weekend. I am journeying up to Agnesland for part of it. Babysitting an all-nighter for another part of it. Being affiliated with the SAI alum chapter for another part of it. We'll see what other troubles I can get into to. (And later post allllll my wonderful stories about them....)


snake doctor said...

It's often tough being a prima donna, as you know.
Great shooting. Where did y'all go? My range on the river (along with my expert tutelage) is always available

MaryCaroline said...

I love, love, love your description of a typical Moore conversation! So true!


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