September 1, 2010

It's Blog Time

I have a confession. I have no idea what I will be blogging about. (Sorry Dad for ending the sentence with a preposition). Now, after hearing my confession some of you may be scrolling the mouse over to the big red X or typing "" back into the address box; however, for those of you that are continuing on...reading this sentence...wondering what I'll say next...let me explain: 

Recently I have had to take some time off from school. For some people taking a break from school is like coming up for a breath of fresh air, or getting off the crazy whirly/twirly ride at the fair and finding steady ground----for me, the thought of taking a break from school was horrifying. It was like ripping off that bandaid that noone ever wants to rip off. "How is that?" you may be wondering. My bandaid (school) was wrapped so tightly around all of my cuts and scrapes (stress, anxiety, the list goes on...) that I just knew if someone were to rip it off a situation similar to the opening of Pandora's box would occur. All of my crazies would be released and I would no longer have any stability or familiarity around me. Basically, my life would be over. (Why yes, I am that dramatic). Here I am, nine months into the dreaded "break," and boy was I wrong about everything. While these nine months have been completely unnerving, frustrating, and terrifying (my family could tell some pretty good "Emily Has Gone Crazy" stories...), they have also been the most refreshing and uplifting months of my life. I have learned more than I ever would have learned during two more semesters drowning in papers, tests, homework, and meetings topped off with a bit of good ole self loathing. 

So, while I may not have some great adventure or job, or a handful of small children running around saying hilarious things to share with you all through a blog, I do have some things worth a blog. I am alive. I am breathing. I am well. I have an amazing family and group of friends. AND, occassionally I do do interesting things that some of you, or even just one of you may enjoy reading. For instance, I have been on the set of the remake of Footloose this week as an extra. Also, today I will be making a trip to COSTCO. COSTCO = heaven on earth for Emily Moore. Just wait until you read the post about that glorious experience... :)


Mary Ann The Pilates Loft, Newnan said...

I am pleased to be the first one to read your BLOG! You are an amazing woman and I hope you share a great deal about your journey this year. You can speak (type) volumes to people going through the same thing you have. Congratulations.... I for one am very proud of YOU!

Russ said...

I'm proud, too. I'm also looking forward to learning more about your life by reading your words!


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