August 1, 2016


Exactly 219 days ago Freddie received the 007 collection on Blu-ray. Exactly 213 days ago we decided to do weekly 007 date nights and cook a themed dinner while going through all the Bond movies. Exactly 176 days ago I posted this from the last movie we watched, Goldfinger--movie #3 in the series.

And here we are today, August 1, these 176 days later, and I can finally give you that 007 date night update for which you've been itching. 

We did it! We finally got to #4, Thunderball! It only took five or six months, but we did it. The early bird may get the worm, but the late bird gets the...

gets the...

Matzo ball soup. <<which is exactly what we (Freddie) cooked for Thunderball.

I had never had matzo ball soup before, and sadly my only run-in with anything matzo was the  matzo crackers "bread" during communion at church. I was assuming that matzo ball soup was not just soup was matzo crackers thrown in it, and I was right.

It really is so hard to be as smart I as am. Wink.

As per usual, Ricky was 100x more eager than I was (or ever am or will be) about cooking. This meant I sat and took pictures and ate candy while we (he) made soup and matzo balls from scratch.
 FYI: if you're ever in Houston and needing matzo meal, just know that the Kroger on Montrose does NOT have any. Also, if you ask me to pick up some from Whole Foods after work, I'll probably forget to do that too. So. You know. Be prepared.

 This recipe called for rutabaga. I literally did not even realize rutabaga was a real thing. But it is, and it's right there in your local grocery store. Right by the beets. The beets! Rutabaga! It's even at the Kroger on Montrose. Crazy. 
Lupe was ever-so optimistic that'd he get a little drop of chicken. I almost think he deserved a little piece for how long he sat like that with his neck craned up. I mean, he at least deserved a little neck massage after those fifteen minutes, right? 


Phew. That was hard work. The waiting, I mean. Freddie cooked as gracefully as ever, and I was as impatient and hangry as ever. But it was worth the wait and SHOOT! Are matzo balls delicious or what?! Why didn't you ever tell me that before?

Up next is You Only Live Twice so...we've got nothing. That'll probably take another five or six months to figure out that doozy of a themed dinner. See y'all in February. 

Good news is that cats have nine lives which is more that two which means we won't be eating cats.
^^that's weird and gross. My b. 

Dinner recaps:
Dr. Gnocchi (Dr. No)
From Russia With Loaf (From Russia With Love)
Gold chicken fingers with golden slaw (Goldfinger)
Thunder matzo ball soup (Thunderball)


Hippie in Heels said...

This is such a cute idea! I have never had Matzo Soup, but I am sure Jeff would be up for the challenge!!! Also, way to go Gluten free! It is the best way after all ;)

Laura Darling said...

What an awesome idea! ANd the final product looks delicious! I've never had a rutabega either, who knew!?

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

I seriously love this idea so incredibly much, and that's awesome that you got started on your Bond movie date nights again! And by the way, the best types of date nights are when the husband cooks and you can just hang out and eat candy on the couch!

cmmaxiecat said...

You Only Live Twice baked potatoes???

That soup looks good!

cmmaxiecat said...

You Only Live Twice baked potatoes???

That soup looks good!

Kayla MKOY said...

I love these ideas haha! That looks TASTY! You two are so cute.


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