June 24, 2016

when in Chicago...

This time next week we'll be headed up to Wisconsin for my college roommate's wedding. A Fourth of July weekend wedding! A Fourth of July weekend morning wedding! Hello, brunch reception, don't mind if I do eat you up. 

After the wedding festivities Ricky and I will be spending a few days in Chicago. In Chi-town. In the Windy City. The Second City. In the ::insert any and all other Chicago nicknames here::

I've never been to Chicago. Scratch that, I've flown through Chicago three times. The first time was when I was ten-years old and we had a layover in O'Hare. You better believe my best friend and I slow-mo ran through the airport pretending like we were in Home Alone because that's what you do when you're ten, really awesome, and in O'Hare. You could also do that at any age as long as you're awesome and in O'Hare, just fyi. People might stare at you more, but actually they won't because it's an airport and I feel like any actions are accepted in airports. Side bar: have you ever people watched and noticed just how many people are grooming themselves out in the open at airports? As someone who has flown way too much in the past fourteen months, I have seen lots of airport grooming, and I may have even partaken in said airport grooming at some point. Maybe. 


Back to Chicago.

Today's Friday Five/Favorites/Fun is going to involve YOU telling ME where WE should go when we're in Chicago. Even if you haven't been there, I'd really appreciate it if you'd just do the research for me and tell me what we should do. That'd be great. 

::insert winky face emoji here followed by serious face emoji::

Freddie likes baseball (annoyingly so) (spoiler alert: it's on the TV now as I'm typing this) (which isn't a big deal because it's always on our TV) (is there a 24-hour baseball channel? Because he'd watch it), and I like...food. Freddie likes food, too, but I think baseball wins right now. He likes beer, I like wine. He likes exploring, I like food again. And so on and so forth adding some more food in there. 

What's good, Chicago?!
Here's a picture of us traveling, but not in Chicago. But traveling, nonetheless. So I'm a travel blogger now or something.

Happy Friday!


Megan said...

We just spent four days in Chicago last week! If the Cubs are in town, you could try to go to a game! We actually just toured Wrigley while we were there if that is something you would rather do. We stayed along Michigan Ave where there are a ton of stores & restaurants. If you like deep dish pizza, Gino's East was really good! Hopefully the weather is good too because there are so many places you could just wander around. We went on a sunset boat tour around the lake which I also recommend! Have a great time there!

The Siberian American said...

Girl, you know I've got you on this, especially the food! My favorite deep dish is Lou Malnati's (try the butter crust!) RPM Italian for amazing Italian food (Quartino is super good too). Au Cheval was voted the best burger in the US, and there's definitely a reason for it. Bohemian House for delicious Eastern European food! For brunch, I like The Gage, Bongo Room, and Wildberry Cafe. For a romantic meal, we loved going to Geja's Cafe for a full-course fondue meal. Smoque is really good barbecue. For Greek food, everything in Greektown is delicious, but my favorite is Santorini. Favorite bar is Drumbar. Cyndi's is also a great rooftop bar/restaurant with a pretty view. For tapas, I LOVE Cafe Ba-Ba-Reeba.

Things to do: We did a cupcake tour that was great and gives you a nice tour of the city as well. There is almost always a groupon or living social for it, so you can get it for a great price! We did six boat tours, and my absolute favorite was the Wendella Lake & River Tour. You get the architecture part of the tour, but you also get to go through the locks and go on Lake Michigan for gorgeous skyline views! For museums, my favorite are the Field Museum and the Museum of Science and Industry. I'm not usually an aquarium person, but the Shedd Aquarium is really neat. Also, the Lincoln Park Zoo is a fun free thing to do. My favorite view of the city is Chicago 360 in the John Hancock Building, though the best view overall is from the women's restaurant in the Signature Lounge of the same building (though I wouldn't recommend most of the drinks). Obviously there are all the touristy stuff like The Bean, Buckingham Fountain, Navy Pier, and Millennium Park.

Meg Taylor said...

A brunch wedding sounds AMAZING!! I hope you have the best time! We've only been to Chicago once... we had a 5 hour layover at Midway so we took the subway (or whatever the public train thing is called) into the city to eat deep dish pizza with a college friend ;)

Meg, Borrowed Heaven

Desirae Endres said...

Anything I know about Chicago is from boardwalk empire- so if you were headed there in the early twenties, according to Boardwalk Empire, I'd say stay away from Al Capone if possible.

I'm sorry I can't actually help you because it isn't actually the twenties and Boardwalk Empire is fictional, anyways.

BUT I have heard there are some historical speakeasies there- or even bars that are pretending to be historical speakeasies. And that's what I would look into if I was in Chicago. Have tons of fun! :)

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

Chicago literally has so many amazing places to eat and try out! We ate at Girl And The Goat when we were there, and it was amazing! You have to get reservations, or try and get there early to get a table at a decent time. Another great restaurant is Portillos that has Italian beef sandwiches and hotdogs and stuff. It's so good and a Chicago must eat! If you get the chopped beef sandwich, get the hot peppers on it, you won't regret it!
My favorite thing that we did when we visited was the architecture tour because Chicago has so many beautiful buildings and you really learn a lot about Chicago while you're on the tour. I also loved going to the top of Willis Tower as well! The views are incredible!


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