June 13, 2016

on Facetiming in

Seeing that it's the start of a new week, and I haven't posted since Friday of last last week I figured I would give my fans a little somethin' somethin' today. 

Fans = my dad, my mother, and my Nonny. 
Congratulations! You three get the Loyal Readers Gold Card! This gives you access to...nothing, but it does sounds cool, right?

Speaking of my mother, last Thursday was her birthday! I hope you pause after this sentence to silently (or not-so-silently) sing Happy belated Birthday to my mommy-o/

Thanks! She thanks you too. 

Living away from your family is weird. You find yourself saying things like, Don't forget to FaceTime me in for that! And then when you do visit home you find yourself saying things like, Why is the furniture rearranged differently?! Why are you messing with the house?! I don't like it. Now I completely understand why people did not move away from "home" in the olden days (whatever the olden days mean...). A) Because there was no such thing as FaceTime so FaceTiming in would have been hard to do, and B) They wanted to make sure their parents didn't rearrange furniture any crazy way. Any history major can and would back me up on those two reasons, I'm sure.

Anyways, back to my mom. She is one rockstar. I mean just look, she could have starred in the 80's version of 16 and Pregnant! Look at that baby face. 
Except she was 23 and pregnant, but that doesn't sound like a good title for a show...

She also could have most definitely been a fashion blogger, if fashion blogging had been a thing in the 80's.
 Candid pose? Obviously check. Mom jeans that aren't mom jeans because they are patterned? Check.  Button-up for modesty? Check. No collar bone action up in here!

And finally, she and my dad knew how to do the whole kiss-the-girl-while-she-subtly-looks-straight-into-the-camera-and-smirks smiles engagement picture post that's so Pinterest-y and popular these days. 
Ugh, it's like they invented the pose and Pinterest, right?

I'll leave you with this story of what happened while I was Facetiming in for my mom's birthday celebrations:
Mom: Emily, will you hold the phone up to the right side of your chin?
I oblige. 
Mom: What are THOSE on your chin?!!! ?!?!
Emily: Those are called zits, Mom. Thanks for noticing and pointing out so kindly. 

Happy Birthday month to the BEST of the best! Here's hoping one day I can look as young and beautiful when I'm pregnant as Mary Caroline did when she was pregnant (except she was young when she was pregnant, and I'm already an old hag in MC baby birthing years...), I can rock a shoulder pad or two whenever they make their comeback, and that one day I no longer get chin zits. Just let me dream here for a second, people.

Also maybe I need to start buttoning up my chambrays all the way?

Quick life update:
We have moved apartments.
We made the mile long trip from Point Old Apartment to Point B Apartment a total of 365 bazillion times. 
I don't know where my underwear is packed away.
Over and out. 


Mattie @ Northwest Native said...

Just imagine how awesome your chambrays would look buttoned up all the way AND with shoulder pads! #goals
Happy belated birthday to your mom!

The Siberian American said...

Aww, your mom is so cute! Happy birthday to her! My mom is super fantastic at pointing out things like zits too. ;)

Ashley @ The Wandering Weekenders said...

You look so much like your mom it's crazy! I get the same thing all the time that I look just like my mom. Happy birthday to your mom! It's definitely always crazy facetiming family for big occasions, but I'm so happy that it exists. Thank goodness that you're all done with your move!

Meg Taylor said...

Oh my gosh, Ashley is so right - you do look exactly like your mom!! These old photos are fantastic, and I hope your mom had the best day!

Meg, Borrowed Heaven

Kristen @ See You In A Porridge said...

bahahaha those are zits mom. hilarious. moms are the best. mums on the other hand, suck because my mum wont facetime or skype me. she sucks at technology. oh well. your mom was super fashionable and they totally invented that pose.

Kayla MKOY said...

You're the spitting image of your momma! So cute!!!! Happy belated to her!!!! ;)


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