June 27, 2016

the red wire or the blue wire?

Currently I have two Pinterest tabs opened on my computer. One so I can search makeup storage on bathroom counter, and the second so I can search office for men

Two life or death/super important/hardest decision ever kind of things. 

I am being the biggest baby when it comes to unpacking and decorating our new place. Ever since last June when we moved to Houston, I have been saying I want (read need) more space, and now I have it, and I'm losing my...mind. Losing my mind. If you care to insert a stronger word there then be my guest. 

That was all going to change this past weekend. Ricky and I started a list of things we needed and things we wanted to do around the apartment. Fun fact, this list was Ricky's idea, and he even wanted to go to Target to start knocking out said list (?!), so I did what any obedient wife would do, and I followed him into Target. To knock out our to-do list. To finish living in disarray. To decorate our new place.

Example A of losing one's bleep:
I stood in the bathroom section of Target debating between a wooden bathroom countertop organizer or a glass and metal vanity tray and OH MY GOSH! Oh my gosh! Let me say it one more time, oh my gosh. It's like choosing the red wire or the blue wire to disarm a bomb, but way, way harder. Which tray do I get to put on my bathroom counter?! The three guests every four months we have are going to have to see this tray on my bathroom counter, and I want them to like it! No, I want them to love it. 

I couldn't picture either of them sitting there on the counter. I tried so hard, but my brain wasn't allowing it, so five fifteen minutes later I finally just walked away empty handed. 

New, big apartment - 1
Emily - 0

But it was okay! Bathroom may have won that round, but I was ready to conquer the floor lamps. I was armed with my Cartwheel app, and my empty-no-bathroom-counter-tray arms and we were ready to win

I took six steps down the floor lamp aisle, took one quick glance up at the eight to ten display lamps they had, and turned my behind right back around and left. Because...because. Floor lamps are expensive. And...there were a lot of styles. And...I can't decide what I want the feel of this new apartment to be. 

Side note: as I was leaving Hobby Lobby the other day I noticed the chair up front. You know, the one chair to rule them all? It was like the ghost chairs that are ever so popular among the blog world, but with wooden/more modern looking legs. 

That was a horrible explanation, BUT that chair is exactly how I want our new place to look

Cool, clear, modern, wooden...cozy? Did I already say cool?... you just have to be there to see the chair, okay?

And if all of those words up there ^^^ aren't the perfect Example B's of losing one's bleep then I don't know how much more crazy I can get for you without needing a sedative. 

On that note, I'm off to sit on the couch and admire my invisible floor lamp and invisible bathroom counter vanity trays. 


The Siberian American said...

I feel you so much on this! We are moving into our new place tomorrow, and I'm the same way on finding things that fit in a new place!

Desirae Endres said...

When we bought our house a few months ago I literally shopped online, searched for deals, spent HOURS of time trying to decorate for what felt like a lifetime. I am not the best homemaker, but eventually things came together. We still only have two curtains/ blind sets in the whole house (they are expensive!) but at least it kind of has a cohesive feel.

I am serious when I say I literally didn't work. I mean, I went to work, but I shopped online in any free moment and thought of house things the whole darn time for at least three weeks. Oops. Praying for your sanity in this rough season. ;)


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