April 6, 2015

the 'rents

This past week and weekend were so dreamy. Or, as my 81-year old grandfather would say, so dy-na-mite! The dude knows the cool kids lingo, what can I say. 

My parents came into town mostly to see my show, but also because who turns down a vacation to Charleston? No one in their right mind. When I say my parents came into town mostly to see my show what I really mean is kind of to see my show, but mostly to be in Charleston. Freddie, Charleston, and I tried to give my parents the best of the best time. Walking down, around, in, all over downtown, eating delicious food, walking on the beach, eating more food, drinking some champagne cocktails, eating some food, and walking downtown again. And maybe another beach trip in there.

I can't remember all the tiny details, excuse me. All I can remember is how much fun I have when family is around. I was never the child who went through the Ugh, Moooooooooom, go away or Seriously, Dad? You are so embarrassing (<----although that one is true all the time. Sorry, Dad ;)), but now that I am older I appreciate the crap outta my parents. 

Mostly I appreciate all the money they spent to send me to nice schools so I could learn fancy language like "the crap outta..." Thanks, parents! 

And now may I present, the hashtag necessary blog weekend collage. 


Erin LFF said...

Sounds like the perfect week/end to me! :) Lots of food, family and sandy beaches! Man, I need to live somewhere near the water. And no, the brown Ohio river does NOT count ;)

Kayla MKOY said...

I seriously want to visit your beach! So fun. Isn't time with family the best?? :) glad they came in town to see you guys!!!

Anne said...

Ah, you're making me crave a family visit - so great. And those beach shots are gorgeous!


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