April 1, 2015

currently: the interesting edition

I feel like anytime something interesting is happening in my life that I should blog about it, but instead I always end up being busy with said interesting thing and then I don't blog...and then I get fired from blogging. Oh wait... that doesn't happen. But seriously, just know that I'm in a show right now (Catch Me If You Can) and the real Frank Abagnale Jr. lives here in Chucktown. He did what any once con-man extraordinaire would do and came to talk to our cast. It was amazing and one day I am going to write all about how interesting my life is at this moment.
One day.

For now we'll talk about the necessities. Like what I'm currently doing other than having an interesting life with Frank Abagnale Jr. 
Clothes. But also a brand new tattoo. It's spring break for the kiddos which means it's spring break for me which means one thing led to another and my friend and I ended up at the tattoo parlor Monday afternoon. The End. 
All the celebratory drinks with Ricky. <---another interesting thing/story in my life about which I will blog soon. Just know that Mr. Ricky Weiss is doing big things and that obviously means I'm doing big things too since, according to a certain ceremony 1.5 years ago, we are now one. 
For some reason the start of every new season makes me want to buy all of the new clothes. I also think about going through my current clothes and/or disposing of unworn items, but that takes a lot of effort so usually I just want to buy all the new clothes. WARNING: this idea does not work out very well--always dispose of the unworn clothes before bringing in new clothes or you take over your husband's closet space and he doesn't think that's very funny. 
Does anyone else stress out about addressing envelopes in cute, creative ways? I blame Pinterest. I kind of blame myself for caring, but mostly I blame Pinterest for making me care. Seems fair. I recently addressed bridal shower invites for my best friend and it took me way too long to decide on how to address them. Priorities, people---I have them. 
The beautiful, amazing city of Charleston. I will never get old of discovering new cobble stone streets and painted doorways. Charleston, you're pretty boss (my 5th grade students taught me that saying something is boss means you're cool. Thank goodness I'm finally cool).

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Anonymous said...

That tattoo is so cute! Crazy adventurous. Is that your handwriting on the envelope? Jealous! I wish I could be creative with things like that but my handwriting looks like a 4th grader's. And that photo of the sailboat is dreamy!

Helene in Between said...

wait, i need more details about this tattoo.. is it real??
also this is so cool and i need more deets.

Erin LFF said...

Yeah- WHAT! Is that tattoo real!? I love it!

Kayla MKOY said...

That tattoo is NEAT! I'm kind of in love with it/intrigued by it?!! :) you go girl. Exciring things for your man, it sounds like! I just love you! (And your daily snapchats...)

Melissa said...

That tattoo is awesome! It took me forever to choose mine, and I *sometimes* still regret it haha

Anne said...

Gah, that is so cool. Also yay for celebrations and your pretty town. I love exploring in spring.

Anne said...

p.s. whoops, I think saying things are "cool" means I am definitely not cool...

Meg Taylor said...

Your new tattoo is SO AWESOME!! And yes, I am so with you about address envelopes, but yours is so pretty! I LOVED Catch Me If You Can!! How cool that you got to meet the real Frank?!

Jenna Griffin said...

Your tattoo!!! I love it! At first when I saw it I thought it was sharpie and I though "That would be the coolest tattoo ever." Hooray that it's real! I wanna see more pictures of it. I've never been tatted, mostly because I'm scared of needles. I admire you for your bravery!!


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