March 4, 2015

currently: the let me eat all the nutella edition

Oh hello, internet. Hi, blog. Hey, blog post. Bonjour, link-up. Hola, Mom. Ciao, March. Long time no see. 

Let's play a game of catch up. Currently I'm...

Living at the beach when it's not beachy weather outside is sooo lame. Woe is me, my life is hard, whine whine whine. I'm dreaming of beach weekends and finding sand everywhere. Okay, maybe I'm just dreaming of that first part. 
Last weekend I finally finally fiiiiiinally started my Pilates certification (more on that later! don't pee your pants with anticipation and excitement!), and this Monday I started rehearsals for a show I'm in. I guess I would say I'm currently planning out every second of my day and how I can teach and choreograph and launder and self-practice/observe/teach/study Pilates and learn music and learn choreo and's a lot of planning. A lot of making flash cards while simultaneously humming along to my show's CD with back-up instrumentals courtesy of the washer and dryer. 
Last Tuesday we had a "snow" day meaning it was 33 degrees and rainy. I'll take whatever kind of "snow" day I can get. Somehow we all managed to survive and my friend, Kelsey, and I even managed to get crafty. Arrows are so in right now...according to my Pinterest feed. Hair flip.
Does eating Nutella out of the jar count as "baking?" Because if so then I am currently the Queen of Baking. Moving on.
I would be quite confused if anyone's answer to this month's watching question was anything other than House of Cards. Because obviously everyone who is anyone is speeding through Season 3. And girl crushing on Claire Underwood. And wanting to go to DC right now...and meet the real president, Frank Underwood, of course. 

What have you (and you, and you, and you, and you) been up to?

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Bhumi said...

I've been moving and planning a move and drinking tea allllll day every day :)

Em said...

Did you eat the Nutella out of the jar and by the oven? Then TOTALLY yes. #Baking. :D

Kayla MKOY said...

Pilates certification?! GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!

Rachel Emily said...

Claire is killing it on HOC this season! I love her story line. That is so awesome you are getting your Pilates instructor certification. I want to do the same thing with yoga someday!

Anne said...

For shame, I STILL have not watched any House of Cards. Too busy with Downton Abbey (totally similar, right? Ha). And how cool you're doing pilates certification! My mom is in the middle of the process right now - seems like it takes a lot of time and dedication, but I'm benefiting from free training as she practices :)

Ashley said...

I really like the arrows!!! And yay for starting on your Pilates certification...that's awesome!

Jenna Griffin said...

You always always find at least 5 ways to make me laugh while reading through your posts (that's a good thing!). You're such a fun writer, and I can totally hear your voice coming through your writing...even though I've never heard your I guess that's weird. Ha. Anyways, YES to "snow" days, House of Cards, and eating nutella from the jar!


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