March 20, 2015


You know what my favorite thing was from this past week?

It's a good one. 

A really good one.

One night before bed Freddie pulled out one of his old t-shirts and put it on. As I walked by him I caught a whiff of said old t-shirt--wam bam BOOM--in an instant all sorts of  memories flashed into my head because that shirt smelled like 2011 Freddie. The Freddie that was my new Freddiefriend. The Freddie that was so nervous when he told me he lurved me. The Freddie that cooked me pizza and used the leftover dough to make breadsticks and I knew I was in the long haul. I mean, come on! Breadsticks! Carbs with a side of more carbs, please. It was the very same t-shirt in which I used to sleep in 2011 because it smelled like my Freddiefriend. Hashtag awwwww. Hashtag not gross. 

So for the past few nights I've been sleeping in that shirt again. I don't know how it still smells like 2011 Freddie. I promise I wash clothes. 2015 Freddie thinks I'm nuts and doesn't smell anything, but I can smell it.

And I love it. 

I told you my weekly favorite thing was a good one! Just trust me already. 

Cheers to memories and 2011 smelling t-shirts.
Happy Friday!
Here's my favorite sunset pic from a grocery store parking lot picture. A highly contended category.
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Erin LFF said...

You make me laugh :) Isn't is crazy how a smell can just come out of nowhere and totally take you right back to another time in your life?!

Kayla MKOY said...

This is too precious. Don't you love that? I love how smells bring back memories! Also? Sleeping in the husbands shirts? Always a win!

Helene in Between said...

smells really do so much for our memories. that is just so awesome!

Jenna Griffin said...

Oh my gosh, I totally have some of Lamar's shirts (and old shirts of mine from highschool) that smell just like the specific years we wore them. Smells can totally transport me to different times in my past. It's so funny and kind of weird!

Love this story and your hashtags. Ha!


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