June 6, 2014

on stars aligning

Have you ever had one of those Holy Cow, this was so meant to be moments? Where the stars aligned or all roads led you to the right path and hell didn't even have to freeze over for something amazing and wonderful to happen?!

I almost had one of those moments this morning. Almost. Let me explain.

Ever since we moved to our condo we've heard rumors that Darius Rucker lives in one the houses behind us. Let me tell you, we have had plenty of fun with that piece of information. Hear someone mowing their lawn? It's probs just our neighbor, Darius. No big deal. Wagon Wheel comes on Pandora? Psh, Pandora please. We can go get our neighbor to sing it to us live. Beat that. We've even tried to guess which house would be his. Since we know him and his tastes pretty well by now, I think we've successfully narrowed it down. 

But...I'm getting off track. This morning I'm going for my run and it is dark and stormy out there. Obviously I should stay close to the complex in case the sky starts falling, so I decide to run around the small little neighborhood behind us. That's when it hits me. Obviously this is fate! God made today rainy so that I would decide to run close to home so that I would accidentally run into Darius as he is leaving his house for some reason on a Friday morning and we would exchange hello's and become best of friends! Summer barbecues at the Ruckers?! We're in.

We are so not in, though. Because the stars were not aligned. And the roads did not lead me to the right path of Darius' house. And God must have made today rainy for some other reason.

I would say I'm a tad upset, but my family is coming into town tonight. Tonight! Family beach time. Family food time. And maybe family Moore time with family Rucker time?

We'll see. 

Happy Friday!


Kathy said...

Okay, Emily, I realize we may not be the best of friends. But, we are FB friends, so that is close, right?!?! Two things here:
1. Darius Rucker knows Brad Paisley. So, when you become BFF with Darius; can you get me the hook up to Brad?
2. I am almost over Brad and my second fave is Darius. So either way, when you meet him, I am coming to stay with you.
I am sure we can become semi-BFF's for this. I appreciate you thinking of me (a crazy girl stuck in Georgia) as you continue to scope out your neighbor.

Helene in Between said...

dangit! i wanted this to end with a darius encounter. maybe next time.

Emily said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Emily said...

How about you just head over right now and we'll stalk together?! That seems like the best option.

Kenzie Smith said...

I was really looking forward to this post ending with you meeting Darius and me fangirl screaming. Alas no screaming here. ;D

Kayla MKOY said...

I hope next time you two have a little encounter and he's all "You & Freddie wanna come on tour with me?!" ;) bahha

Laynah said...

Shut up, that's still awesome that you live by him haha! I'm sure you'll cross paths at some point!


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