June 16, 2014

jumping over puddles

Olaf sings a song about summer. I should know. I only hear Frozen songs about 5x per hour. Hashtag: workswithkids. And as much as I want to tell the people who sing Let It Go nonstop to actually let it freaking go, Olaf is on to something. 

I finished up the school year/Spamalot shows and had a week before moving into teaching and choreographing for summer camps. All I wanted to do last week was SING! And DANCE! It's summer! I wanted to jump over puddles and give warm hugs, too! The freckles on my face (we're at about 1 million now). The sunburn on my booty (it's a real thing). It's all so wonderful. I've already consumed copious amounts of froyo and it's only mid-June. Actually, I've consumed copious amounts of froyo toppings. We all know the topping to froyo ratio should always be like 5:3. Done. 

So while I was wanting to sing and dance and give warm hugs all last week I was also gallivanting around Disney. According to my mother's time hop app we've been to Disney the first of June for the past 5 years? 6 years? Apparently it's not summer until a Disney trip happens so I'm glad I could keep up with the tradish. 

Thanks, Olaf, for singing a silly song that I can totes relate to. All the 6 year olds have Let It Go, I've got summer. 

Did I mention I met Josh Gad once? Besties. 
It was obviously not summer when we met. 

Happy unofficial summer Monday!


Helene in Between said...

What an awesome tradition. I will even sing let it go to go to Disney!

Erin LFF said...

Oh, Disney. How I LOVE THEE! :) Btw, I haven't had froyo in well over a year... is something wrong with me?!

Kenzie Smith said...

I wish I had a Disney tradition! I've never been, bah humbug. Sounds like fun though :) I love that song!


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