June 4, 2014

currently: edition two

<Insert beginning paragraph about me loving link-ups (Thanks, Jenna and Anne!).>

Ok, got it? Let's get on with it.
I feel like y'all know by now that I can never answer this question as myself, but rather as what is Frederick currently cooking? And I'll tell ya what, Frederick has been on this bread kick lately. I'm talking he's churned out 6 loaves in 2 weekends. My could-eat-carbs-all-day-'erry-day self is loving it. What else does one need in life other than a warm homemade loaf of bread and a tub of truffle butter? Nada. Pictured above is his version of a Hiroshima loaf. Too soon?

It's been very hard for me to let go of the fact that A) we finished the series of Dexter B) the ending...'nuff said. and C) I can't find another show that warrants my obsession like the Dex. However, Game of Thrones is wonderful and everyone who is anyone should be watching it and/or reading it. 

A family vaca to California! I think the furthest "west" I've been is...Louisiana? Does that even count? My east coast lovin' legs can't wait to stand on west coast ground. I'm also a tad excited about seeing one of my very best friends and partying it up at Disneyland. Just a tad. 

Who doesn't love a good 'ole beach book that you can knock out 10 chapters in record time while sunning it up?

So here we are. 14 shows of Spamalot later with only 3 shows left. I'm not sure what I'll wear after this weekend when my seaweed hair won't be an everyday accessory...

Anyone else sporting some seaweed hair as of late?


Anne said...

Homemade bread - yum!

Erin LFF said...

I just look at a piece of bread and gain two pounds.... then you post about homemade fresh loaves?! Darn you!! ;)

Jenna Griffin said...

California! I had a weird obsession with cali when I was in highschool. I was positive I would go to college out there and live happily ever after--and I still have NEVER been. I'm excited to hear more about your trip!
Thanks for linking up with us!

Allison said...

Wow, 6 loaves of bread! That's impressive. I really need to start making my own bread because I have some homemade strawberry freezer jam that is just begging for some. I'd really rather just buy a breadmaker though!

Quick-read chick lit is one of my guilty pleasures! (Although really, why should I feel guilty about it?) I've only read one book by Emily Giffin, I'll have to check out some of her others!

Enjoy your California trip!

Kenzie Smith said...

Ah I really want to learn how to make our own bread! That's so awesome that he has been making so much.
Game of Thrones is the best! I love that show!
You should come farther north on the west coast :D Ha ha
Love your costume!!


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