May 23, 2014

five on friday: food edition

So Pinterest. It's great and all that. A time sucker when I need one, an inspiration when I feel like my apartment decor is the absolute worst, a guide to explain why all the clothes in my closet aren't good enough, and an all around just wonderful place. Yadda, yadda, yadda you know it, too. 

It's also a place where I pretend like I am a chef. A chef extraordinaire, to be more specific. Oh this recipe is easy, you say? Pinned. This recipe has chocolate in it?? Pinned and probably attempted to be pinned twice. And this recipe involves kale AND spinach and will solve all health issues and make me skinny? Whoa, healthy much? Must pin. 

I say all of this in jest (mostly...) because while I have only cooked 4 recipes out of the 489 recipes on my Favorite Recipes board (2 of which actually turned out table worthy), there are actually a lot of wonderful, amazing, creative, genius ideas for food on Pinterest.

And I will share my Top 5 with you today.
Lucky. You. 

5 Things I Should Be Eating Making Right Now
important side note 1: I pinned these because I want to eat/devour them. More importantly I want someone else to make them so that I can eat/devour them. So...there's that. For anyone who is looking to cook pour moi. 
important side note 2: yes, most of these are desserts. You know what they say, cookies and leotards go hand in hand. Wait, that's totally not what they say, is it?

Cannoli Bites
Holy Cannoli. Literally. Like what the what? Notice I'm not using real sentences because my brain cannot form any at the moment. My brain only knows that it wants me to try these--preferably soon. 

Nutella Crunch Ice Cream Cake
There are 3 reasons I need to eat this.
1) I don't like regular cake so it's up to ice cream cakes to fill that void in my life.
2) I only eat Buncha Crunch at the movies. Crunch = the best.
3) I want it. 

Brie and Blueberry Waffle Grilled Cheese
And on the sixth day, God created the land animals and that cow's milk could be used to create a new kind of cheese called brie that the people would eat all day. Betcha never noticed that aside in your Bible before, did ya? Well, it's there and God really is all knowing because brie is yum. And this? This sounds dangerously yum. Thanks, God. 

Milk and Cookie Shots
Mind. Blown.
Mouth. Drooling. 

And because I don't want you to think I sit around eating chocolate all day (because I only do that during the 16 hours of the day I am awake) I'll add in this recipe. 
Avocado Hummus
Because if I can't always eat dessert, than I at least want to eat something in which I can dip a whole bunch of carby food. Scotch is to Ron as Carbs are to me. 

How many of your bajillion and a half Pinterest recipes have you made?


Britton Barton said...

I've made a few that have been huge hits. The oven baked fajitas are always requested but the two desserts I've made are things my husband begs for constantly- Funfetti cheesecake and Oreo cake. Like legit cake that looks like a huge oreo with oreo filling.

Now, I'm Pinterest starving and I've purposely stayed off it this week. Thanks ;)

Em said...

Okay so I'm officially drooling all over my keyboard! CANNOLI BITES??? YUM!!!

Erin LFF said...

Yeah, the cannoli bites just about made me gain 10 pounds thinking/looking at them! YUMMM!!

Kayla MKOY said...

Omggg holy YUM!! Those last 3 especially!!!! Let's have a pinterest party together and let Freddie do all the cooking and baking! ;)

Amanda - Voyage of the MeeMee said...

Those cannoli bites... dear mother of everything that is holy... I need those in my life RIGHT NOW!

jackie jade said...

yum - these all sound SO amazing. i seriously pin a million recipes and then barely ever make any of them ha.

Lauren W said...

Holy crap, this post! Every time I thought there was an amazing, mouth watering, recipe I could try, I read the next one and it was even better! Haha. I will just be saving this whole post so I can try all of them! I mean, number four?! Why has that not been thought of before!?


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