December 6, 2013

on controversy

Freddie told me my blog should be more controversial. That people want to read about controversy. Or something. (I personally hate controversy. When my dad brings up politics [every 5 minutes], I tune out. When I'm upset about something, I'm quiet about it. Let's all be friends and hold hands) I asked him what topic I should have for today...but I could never get an answer.

I'll show him controversial!

So how's this for a controversial blog? 

I like Christmas more than you. 
No, really.

I think that Scandal is an annoying show. An annoying show that I cannot stop watching, but a very annoying show.
I love him, I don't love. I sleep with him in the utility closet, I don't sleep with him in the utility closet. 

I've always wanted to be a mother and I don't have big "career" plans for my life. So what, let me be a super ballet teacher, a super choreographer, and someday a super mom. Sorry it's way easier for me to talk to children than adults. What does that say...? It says I'll be a Mary Poppins of a mother. Or at least I'll be fun like Bert from Mary Poppins. Or maybe I won't. Ugh, controversy and indecisiveness. What a post, am I right?!
Let's go fly a...balloon!

How's that for some controversy, huh? Huh? Aren't you boiling with anger over something now and want to agree/disagree with anything and everything?!

No? Okay. Sorry Freds, I'm only good at writing entertaining posts.

I'll end this controversially controversial post with a poll:
Now that I have my wedding picture originals...
how many people want to see some real wedding recaps on this here blog?

Raise your hand Let me know if you are feeling particularly swayed towards a yes or a no. (Because who doesn't like reliving the day with me over and over and over?!)


Russ said...

I don't post about politics. I post about controversial people who are trying to steal your freedoms!

Russ said...

And this is a very entertaining non-controversial blog. You can't offend anybody!

Allyssa said...

haha! This post cracked me up. I love your blog, and love meeting new frinds :)

Emily Carnes said...

First of all, YES PLEASE post wedding photos!!!! ((Also...side mom knows your pastor! Like, they went to school together or something......))

Okay--I don't know if you could possibly love Christmas more than me---we'll have to see. Maybe we could actually MEET and we can duke it out then?

And...apparently we have another thing in common about the mom thing! haha


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